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Wednesday, May 28th! at 8 p.m.!


Jessica Blankenship • Scott Daughtridge • Benjamin Carr • Laura Sullivan • Jerad Alexander 

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Jessica Blankenship is a writer, vodka enthusiast and future wife of Bon Iver. She is certain Sarah Palin is a long-form Jimmy Kimmel prank. Her work can be found on Thought Catalog, Jezebel, The Atlantic and Huffington Post.

Scott Daughtridge is the author of the forthcoming chapbook, I Hope Something Good Happens (Lame House Press). Most recently, his work has been featured in Everyday Genius, DOGZPLOT, Curbside Splendor, Midwestern Gothic and other places. He is the Executive Director of Lostintheletters, a literary organization that hosts a bi-monthly reading and the annual Letters Festival. He is afraid that if he doesn’t create something everyday that someone will cut off his hands.

Benjamin Carr is a thorn in the side of Myke Johns. the consigliere of Write Club Atlanta. Twice, TWICE, he has defeated him in battle. At some point last year when Benjamin was celebrating that he had performed or written for all the Titans of Talking figureheads, Myke naysayed that Benjamin had not performed at all of the major literary events in Atlanta necessary to earn the “Triple Crown” of the Atlanta Lit Scene. Benjamin accepted the challenge and rose to the occasion. Tonight, he gets one step closer to his goal. (What the hell is Lost in the Letters, anyway? I don’t know what that is.) So BOO-YAH, Myke Johns, eat his dust.

Laura Sullivan is a grammarian and content crafter by day, journalist and wanderlust by night. An Atlanta native, she traveled 53,500 miles of Asia independently—taking up with a motorcycle gang in Vietnam, getting in a sushi eating competition in Japan, scheming with a medicine man in Borneo. After reporting on the local food movement in graduate school in Illinois, she showed up in New York, working for various magazines and websites. Her work mainly takes stock of these misadventures, plus an unhealthy obsession with food culture and storytelling. Her work’s appeared in Edible Publications, Modern Farmer, the New York Times’ Brooklyn blog The Local and, most recently, Creative Loafing.

Jerad Alexander has been nominated for a National Book Award a couple times, is great buddies with Cormac “Daddy-Mac” McCarthy, and has been published in a whole bunch of places including on Stone Tablets. Not some lit journal, but actual Stone-fucking-Tablets, y’all. Actually, none of this is true…. Yet. Until they are, here are five things about Jerad:
1. Jerad has been a huge animal lover his whole life… except for that one day when his cat decided to vomit into his shoes right before work. Fuck that day. 2. He’s been to over a dozen countries and still doesn’t care for peanut butter. 3. He has a signed copy of The Rum Diary. It’s one of his most prized possessions. 4. He can drive just about anything…. from giant trucks to motorcycles. Up next: The Horse. 5. He once played the Star-Spangled Banner on electric guitar for a ballroom full of drunken Marines. It wasn’t Hendrix, but he still crushed it. His only regret was there were no fireworks.


Vouched is really excited to announce some festivals we’ll be participating in during the upcoming months! (It’s festival season!)

Look for us at:

The Atlanta Zine Festival

The Decatur Book Festival

Vouched also sets up shop at other local events and readings such as Write Club Atlanta, Solar Anus, True Story!, and Scene Missing.

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