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Best Thing I’ve Heard This Month: 90’s Meg Ryan

24 Jul

It’s always a weird colored cloud to vouch something I’m involved in. But then again, as several Yes people have put it, I’m not tossing things with my T-GOB hands that I truly don’t believe in.

And nothing in recent memory seems more that case than 90’s Meg Ryan, a new style of online literary journal–hosted on bandcamp–beamed out of Muncie, home to Ball State University. The Ball State connection to Vouched is BIG–founder Christopher Newgent, lead lady Laura Relyea, contributors like myself, Layne Ransom, and Ashley Ford all went to Ball State.

There’s a bumper sticker speeding on the back of several cars over there proclaiming, “Muncie: We’re Trying.” At first aw sad but ultimately, better than we tried and then let’s see it.

In the who, the how, and the what, editor Austin Hayden has captured that rejuvenating spunk the Muncie art scene barrels forward with. By taking indie lit to bandcamp, tossing these poems and stories next to songs by two top young Muncie musicians–Carrington Clinton and Derek Miller–the journal does right by its biggest influence–the Muncie music scene. Even the artwork is done by Muncie music’s top dog, Travis Harvey of Village Green Records.

90’s Meg Ryan features only work by my favorite of Muncie’s young writers–Ryan Rader, Elysia Smith, Zach Arnett, Layne Ransom, Davis Macks. Although future issues won’t be Muncie-exclusive, this issue is a shining pow from an underrated lit scene, both a community and journal I’m mega-proud to be accepted in.