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SSR #4 of 15: (W)ink Atlanta’s Hey, New Kid!

11 Jul

(W)ink Atlanta is a phenomenal organization. They go to Atlanta-area schools and tutor children in creative writing, and at the end of the semester/quarter/what-have-you they publish the children’s work and host a reading for them. Like I said, phenomenal. I’m honored to help spread the word of them to you now and also by selling their first collection, Hey, New Kid, at my table. Here’s a single sentence review about how much it rocks:

Every school should have a field guide like this so children could expertly maneuver through the hallways with their oversized hall passes, their stomachs unburdened by the challenge of hairy cafeteria pizzas and grilled cheeses, their permanent records void of in-school suspensions… all of the students  could climb through the ascending grade-levels in a cloud of cackles and success.