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Steak Night By Melissa Broder (Poem-Video at Moving Poems)

23 Apr

Another stellar poem-video at Moving Poems, this one based on the poem “Steak Night” by Melissa Broder, created by Daniel Lichtenberg, with original music by Diana Salier and Rob Justesen, and poem read by Edward Carden. The poem is from Broder’s collection, Meat Heart, from Publishing Genius Press. That book was one of my favorite poetry collections of 2012, wild with several layers of ripped open energy.

“The First Fancy Feast of Fancy” by Jenny Zhang (a recording)

19 Apr

(Thank you, Roberto Montes, for finding pushing my skull towards Jenny Zhang’s work)

Vince Carter Poem

12 Apr

Isn’t that a poem? Taking yourself over whatever is there, in the way, between where you are and where you wanna be. WOW.

“An Outside Abandoned to Smokers and Solitary Speakers”–a poem-video by Wendy Burk (The Volta: Medium)

9 Apr

I never guessed a video of a poem being composed would be enthralling. But it is! Wendy Burk here lets us see the hatching of this poem, through the expansion, the shifting, and the pruning. In the end, we’re even thanked. I want to say, THANK YOU, to Wendy Burk, right back at you!, for letting us be a part of this moment, a surprising little unraveling.

Be sure to check out the archives of The Volta: Medium, a weekly journal of a single poem-video, featuring rad folks like Brian Foley, Amber Nelson, Oliver de la Paz, and many more.