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Laura wasn’t kidding about the 15th issue of >kill author!

12 Oct

Those Pope poems sure were rad, like in a I-feel-like-I-got-slapped-in-the-mouth kind of way.

And then I came to “Three Berg Passages: A Triptych” by Marcus Speh. All three are startling yet lovely, wild but so real. I especially loved the first one, a truly beautiful piece of writing.

Here’s a snippet from the beginning:

The rat was woken by lightning. Next to the rat, on the other side of the paper thin wall, lay a couple. The rat and the man stared upwards (some rats, like men, sleep on their backs) and sighed at the same time, proving the deep connection between their species.

The man was afraid that the woman lying next to him would leave him. He had these thoughts every night. He didn’t know he felt that way because of the guilt his father had felt towards a woman he’d impregnated in the 1950s, when being single was a raw deal. It was a complicated, systemic guilt.


J.A. Tyler Filling Up The Web Journals With Some Sweet Brother War Action

15 Jan

I first remember reading a selection from J.A. Tyler’s Variations of a Brother War in the September Issue of elimae.

Of course, I was like WOAH, astounded by how the sentences hold the action, the characters, seeming to release them once the section is finished.

Found out that another one is in Wigleaf. This is the Cabins Triptych. The tension is incredible here. I really want to say more, but these pieces speak for themselves.

Here are some more:

At Necessary Fiction

At Gulf Stream

At >kill author

At Knee-Jerk

I wanted to throw these together in one post because this is something special in the making, something that can speak for itself. One more thing from me: Rereading all these is a great Saturday morning experience.