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Why didn’t I know about these?

30 Jan

So, I’m looking for a home for a couple pieces of flash I have all polished and shiny, and I think, “Tri-quarterly. I bet they might dig these, might open their door and see them swaddled in a basket on their doorstep, take them in and nurse them to full-grown. Love them so much they don’t even know they were adopted.”

And I’m poking through the current issue, and here is James Tadd Adcox with four short and powerful pieces. I can’t even breathe. I love them so much I can’t stand up. Read them.

1) She decides the best course of action is to layer tape over that part, to muffle the sound, maybe. She’s in there for a while. There’s more noise involved than one would expect. “How’s it going?” I call out. “I’m still sad,” she calls back.

2) I’ve run out of dreams. For the past four nights all that’s been in my head, the entire time I slept, was a dial tone. I tell my friends about this. Everyone congratulates me.

3) The off season is a kind of war between you and corrosion. You sit in the boardwalk bar and you wait for some kind of revelation and when that doesn’t come you ask the old woman in the tube top at the end of the bar what she’s drinking and she tells you. You’ll have that.

4) Finally the Internet will be populated almost entirely by ghosts. It will be impossible to do anything online, check one’s bank statement, watch a movie, check e-mail, etc., without running into some piece of script still functioning years after its author’s death.