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A Very Vouched Thank You For a Very Vouched Birthday.

26 Jul

Man oh man, it’s hard to believe it’s been a week since the 2nd Very Vouched Birthday party at the Goatfarm. I’d really like to take a moment to say thank you to all of those involved. (There were a lot of people involved!)

First-off, a tremendous thank you to the hardworking team at the Wren’s Nest and their high school editorial team for volunteering throughout the evening’s festivities! Without their help the event would have disintegrated into chaos! Most notably I would like to thank my partner-in-planning, Jessie Matheson, the organization’s Education Director. Her visionary work with the Wren’s Nest  brought  great focus and energy to the festivities, and her assistance in matching our readers with their reading selections was absolutely indispensable.

Speaking of indispensable…


Answer: Probably sad, somewhere crying!

They drove all the way down from Indiana [and up from Tallahassee] to help out with the event and party hardy! That is dedication! That is friendship! They ran the table without a hitch! I am eternally in their debt!

photo 1

Notable things that pertain to this event that start with the letter “G”:



Here’s a fact: Vouched Atlanta would be a shadow of what it is if it weren’t for the  unending support and assistance that we’ve received from the good folks at the Goatfarm over the course of the past few years. Their crew is a total dream to work with — taking care of all of the production that goes into the venue for our readings (staging! press! chairs! lights! sound! booze!). Even better – they really, really believe in Vouched. It’s a total honor to be affiliated with them. I’m excited to continue working with them in the years to come.

photo (1)

HUGE thank you’s to champions of literature Matt Bell and Blake Butler for highlighting the evening with their work and words, and for supporting independent literature with more passion and fervor than any other authors I know. This was mentioned at the party, but… my first two book orders for Vouched Books Atlanta were for How They Were Found and Scorch Atlas. It’s been really amazing to watch Blake and Matt’s writing gain momentum over the past two years. Hosting them both was a humbling honor.

photo 4 photo 3

THANK YOU to Myke Johns and Jayne O’Connor for co-hosting throughout the evening. You charmed everyone’s pants off!

Many many thank yous to the local authors and tutors who read the work of the KIPP Scribes: Sue Gilman, Patrick Shaffner, Jessie Matheson, Rachael Maddux, Johnny Drago, Julian Modugno, John Carroll, Terra McVoy, Thomas Wheatley, Jason Mallory, Jamie Allen, Myke Johns, Brooke Hatfield, Lain Shakespeare, Bruce Covey, Amy Herschleb, Molly Dickinson, Jayne O’Connor, Amelia Lerner, and Amy McDaniel. You really brought the stories to life and it meant so much to the scribes in attendance to hear that!

Maybe one of my favorite parts of the evening was revealing the GORGEOUS 2nd Vouched Birthday poster designed by Lacey Valentini and screen-printed by Brett Andrew Miotti of the Peregrine Consortium. Lacey has designed the bulk of our promotional collateral over the past two years and is solely responsible for the visual identity and brand that Vouched Atlanta has. The poster stands as a tribute to that. If you weren’t able to order or purchase one at the event – don’t worry! A limited number are still available for purchase. You can do that here.


Thank you also to the evening’s sponsors, whose contributions and donations really brought the community together: Scoutmob, Creative Loafing, BURNAWAY, Marmalade Bakeshop, BANG! Arts and Promotions, Atlanta Movie Tours, the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Dad’s Garage, The High Museum, The Inman Park Squirrel Census, Wonderroot, and MOCA GA.

A heartfelt thanks to the artists who so generously donated their artwork to our silent art auction and to BURNAWAY for their assistance in organizing it: Brooke Hatfield, Lydia Walls, John Carroll, Bethany Collins, Nathan Sharratt, and Jessica Caldas.

Thank you to the local organizations who helped spread the word! BANG! Arts and Promotion, Scoutmob, AM 1690, Creative Loafing, Common Creative, ArtsATL, BURNAWAY, Criminal Records, Write Club Atlanta, Scene Missing Magazine and John Carroll for our third awful interview.

Last but not least, thank you to the Atlanta creative community at large for your unbridled enthusiasm for words. You make everything worth it.

A Very [Second] Vouched Birthday F.A.Q.

8 Jul

After blitzing the internet with Single Sentence Reviews, Raffle Prize Announcements, and other promotional things for about a month, I realize you may have some questions about the upcoming Vouched ATL festivities. So here’s our second ever Vouched Presents FAQ for our second ever birthday.

When does this shin-dig start?  
7pm, approximately. I estimate readings to begin between 7:15 and 7:30.

Is there a cost for admission?

Yes, this year it will cost $5 to get you into the Vouched Birthday party BUT your $5 gets you an automatic raffle ticket for some our our fabulous prizes! Every additional $5 you spend at the birthday party (on posters, Vouched merchandise or Wren’s Nest Merchandise) gets you an additional raffle ticket!

What are the totally sweet raffle prizes? 

Oh, you want a list? Fine. Here you go:

• Ticket vouchers for you and a friend to Dad’s Garage
• A Wren’s Nest gift pack and personal tour of the house museum for you and friends!
• Ticket vouchers for Atlanta Movie Tours
• Tickets to the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
• A family membership to MOCA GA
• A membership to the High Museum!
• The ultimate gift package from the Inman Park Squirrel Census!
• Vouched Books gift pack!
• A year-long membership to Wonderroot!

How do I win those totally sweet raffle prizes?

Great question! Participants in our raffle will receive 1 raffle ticket for every $5 donated or spent on Wren’s Nest Publishing Co., or Vouched merchandise. (So say, for instance, you buy a book from me that costs $10. For that you will receive not only your book, but 2 raffle tickets! Which could win you all sorts of amazing prizes!)

I heard there’s a silent auction too. What the dealy-yo?

BURNAWAY is sponsoring the Birthday party by curating and organizing a silent auction of literary-centric artwork throughout the evening. It’s gorgeous stuff! You should be excited!

And this commemorative 2nd birthday poster, what’s up with that?

To celebrate the second birthday of Vouched Books in Atlanta the über talented Lacey Valentini designed a commemorative 2 year birthday poster that will be printed by Brett Andrew Miotti. A limited number will be for sale at the festivities for $25. The design is a combination of every poster Lacey has designed for the reading series since it launched in July 2011. If you’ve read for Vouched Presents in Atlanta before check it out, your name is on it! Pre-order your copy here.

2nd Birthday poster

Wait, so who is reading?

Matt Bell and Blake Butler will be reading original works later in the evening (starting at around 8:30p or so). But before that 20 Atlantan authors will be reading the work of the Wren’s Nest Kipp Scribes. Those readers include:

Rachael Maddux
Johnny Drago
Julian Modugno
Scott Daughtridge
Sue Gilman
Patrick Shaffner
Jessie Matheson
Terra McVoy
Thomas Wheatley
Jason Mallory
Jamie Allen
Myke Johns
Jayne O’Connor
Brooke Hatfield
Lain Shakespeare
Bruce Covey
Amy Herschleb
Molly Dickinson
Amelia Lerner
Amy McDaniel

Where do my donations go?

All donations will go to the Wren’s Nest Publishing Co.

Where can I learn more about the Wren’s Nest Publishing Co.?  

You can learn more about the Wren’s Nest Publshing Co. here!

What if I get hungry? Sometimes I get hungry! 

I hope you get hungry! Engorge yourself with food from The Good Food Truck, popsicles from the King of Pops, and sweets from Marmalade Bake Shop!

What’s the Goatfarm, are there goats?

In their own words: The Goat Farm Arts Center is a major visual & performing arts center in Atlanta. What was once an underutilized historic site went through a major expansion and was given new form in 2009. Part of the expansion opened up 20,000 square feet dedicated to five new performance and exhibition halls and spaces. The Center now hosts classical & contemporary music concerts, traditional and experimental theatrical performances, film screenings, contemporary dance performances and art exhibitions.

And yes, there are still real-life goats! There is no longer a turkey. (R.I.P. Kingsley.)

The poster has a lot of balloons. Will there be balloons?

Yes, there will be balloons. There will not be bears.

Are we going to party? Really?

Yes. DUH.