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Ashley Farmer at Everyday Genius

25 Apr

This rad gal Ashley Farmer has three poems up at one of the coolest lit mags on the electronic planet, Everyday Genius. Every time one of Ashley’s poems or stories beats at me, I’m head-shaking at her way of putting sentences and phrases and even words against each other. Some are mighty fires. Some are skull flicks. All are beauties pulsing.

An example, the poem “Stop Women,” one of the aforementioned gorgeous things at EG:

Stop Women

Sometimes one wonders
if our nation is
a public strip club.
A mother and daughter
who run a brothel for truckers fight
back when the Mafia
tries to take over their operation.
Men’s fragrances smell
like excuses for getting home late.
You will not stop women.

These are from her project, The Women, and until some Very Smart Person puts that book in the world, you’ll have to baskwow in these. Which is pretty great, right? Right.