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Booth Trading Cards

29 May

Our pals at the local Indy literary journal, Booth, are heading to Milwaukee (which is Algonquin for “the good land”) this weekend for the Midwest Small Press Festival (O, how I wish I could join them!), and to commemorate the event, they’ve made up a stack of Booth trading cards.

They just released a sneak peak at one of them on their facebook page, and my absolute goodness, take in this beauty.

* * *

If you’re at the Small Press Fest, you should stop by their table and pick up a packet of them.

Help Big Car Say YES

20 Apr

Vouched Books has been a partner with the Big Car Art Collective since our launch back in October 2010. They’ve graciously opened up their gallery for our readings, given me a space to sell books at Indy’s monthly First Friday Art Festival, and embraced Vouched as a part of their goodness.

They’re currently trying to raise money to support their efforts in “taking art to people as a way to bring people – of all ages and backgrounds – to art and creativity. We also believe that public spaces should be invigorated with creativity, with play, with the energy of making things and having fun. Our program will make life better in Indianapolis by introducing engaging public programming on our downtown Cultural Trail, Canal and in urban parks and public spaces. Ultimately, these public goods help people connect with their city and each other.”

Big Car is pushing a drive at Global Giving, which is a lot like Kickstarter, but specifically for rad nonprofits who are doing rad things around the world.

I know there are tons of things in this world vying for your generosity, but I can personally vouch for Big Car, that every dollar you give them will go to something awesome–like turning an entire unused, decrepit parking lot into a urban garden or an abandoned auto service center into a thriving community art space host to international festivals, TED talks, and Vouched Presents readings.

last day to enter our xTx & Frank Hinton chapbook contest is this Saturday the 21st!

19 Jan

Hey! Just wanted to remind you all that the last day to submit to our xTx and Frank Hinton chapbook contest is this Saturday, January 21st! Thank you to everyone who has sent us their SSR thus far. Let’s keep ’em coming!

You can find the details of the contest at this page.

The Sky Grows Dark: Dark Sky Mag 2-for-1 Sale This Week

14 Nov

I woke up this morning to an email from our friends at Dark Sky. Evidently, they’re ringing in the coming holidays with a 2-for-$10 sale. As literary journals go, Dark Sky is top notch. Look at these beauties.

Here are some details from their site:

It’s November and you’re about to get lucky. For a limited time, we’re offering Issues 1 and 2 of Dark Sky Magazine for 10 dollars. If like us you’re not great at the math, that’s two magazines for the price of one.

$10 gets you:

* 15+ new stories
* 20+ new poems
* 30+ new visuals

As well as an assortment of other unquantifiable goodness from some of today’s most exciting writers and artists.

Sale ends this week, so hop over to the DS store and get your lucky on today. Thanks!

Click here to go to the Dark Sky Store and get in on this offer.

I Review Amber Spark’s Review at The Lit Pub

3 Jun

Over at The Lit Pub, I’ve reviewed Vouched contributor Amber Sparks’s excellent review of Ethel Rohan’s Cut Through the Bone that she posted here back in March. I ended up digging into my mom’s death a few years ago, and I wonder how much that might come up throughout the month as I delve deeper into Rohan’s book.

Dealing with the grief of loss takes work, dammit, and that’s what Rohan lets us do: work. She doesn’t patronize or coddle us. She trusts us to have the strength and courage necessary to make our own bright discoveries.

I strongly believe how you respond to Cut Through the Bone will reflect how you respond to loss in your own life. If you read these stories and respond with the simple, classic classroom question, “Why is everything we read in this class so sad?” then I’ll be frank with you: you’re either ill-equipped to deal or inexperienced in dealing with grief and loss.

Read the whole thing at TLP.

Who needs a drink?

7 Dec

I’m not gonna lie. I could really use a drink right now. I kind of wish I already had one of these Hobart flasks in my pocket.

I wouldn’t mind some of that Maker’s either.

Hobart is offering these pretty little babies as holiday gifts right now for anyone who subscribes by December 15th. $18 gets you that flask, a year’s script (2 issues), and a chapbook of stories by SF/LD minibook authors.

I highly recommend it, because Hobart puts out great literature, and should you ever have a day like I am today, you’ll have that flask to help you out.

Artifice Mag script drive.

27 Jul

Over at Big Other, Tim Jones-Yelvington reports on some developments of Artifice Mag’s July subcription drive:

For the last week of their July subscription drive, Artifice Magazine is ramping up the awesome.

Subscribers will be entered in a drawing to win one of several prize packages that include some of the best in current and forthcoming independent lit, including issues of Annalemma, Another Chicago Magazine, Sententia, Pank and Hobart and much-anticipated and or acclaimed books by Lindsay Hunter and Big Other’s own Davis Schneiderman. (Details).

If enough people subscribe today, Artifice editor James Tadd Adcox will MOHAWK HIS HAIR and/or DIE IT A CRAZY COLOR.

As you’ll note, Artifice is one of the names you see to your right, and Artifice 1 is currently being sold from the Vouched table. They’re publishing some really interesting work there, pushing grammar, syntax, story, all that rot. Get into it.


2 Jul

Despite some email glichery, I’ve finally gotten word that sunnyoutside and mud luscious are both on board with Vouched.

This means I’ll be able to offer Modern Love by Andrew Scott and For All These Wretched, Beautiful, & Insignificant Things So Uselessly & Carelessly Destroyed… by Hosho McCreesh, both out on sunnyoutside.

And also, We Take Me Apart by Molly Gaudry and when all our days are numbered marching bands will fill the streets and we will not hear them because we will be upstairs in the clouds by Sasha Fletcher.

I’m glad to finally get things going with both of these presses, as the Vouched table wouldn’t feel complete without the four of these titles.

PANK joins the party.

30 Jun

Woke up this morning to an email from Roxane at PANK giving the thumbs up. This is a good thing because along with having PANK 4 on the table, I’ll also have How To Take Yourself Apart, How To Make Yourself Anew by Aaron Burch, which contains one of the best stories I’ve read all year, “Molting,” along with a lot of other greatness, some of which you can read here.

Seriously, if you’ve not read How To Take Yourself Apart yet, don’t wait to get it from my table. Go to PANK now, and get yourself a copy.

Update: much thanks also to Roxane for a generous personal donation to help defray some of the initial inventory costs. She’s a serious champion of small presses, and by that I mean she carries a sword and fights lions in the Collosseum.

Magic Helicopter Ride.

30 Jun

Magic Helicopter Press is joining the game, which rules because I’ll be able to have The Drunk Sonnets by Daniel Bailey and another Mary Miller title, Less Shiny, on my table.

Daniel and I actually went to school together at Ball State, but we didn’t know each other then. We sort of satellited around each other in our groups of mutual friends. I actually gave a lecture to one of his classes about why I didn’t choose to go into an MFA program after I’d graduated.

He evidently didn’t listen to my lecture because  he moved to Colorado for an MFA, and only then did we actually become pals.  Then he put out The Drunk Sonnets, and he kicked my ass with his word kung fu, and I forgave him because that’s what pals do.