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What Would You Carry On Your Vouched Table?

31 May

I shouted this into Facebook and Twitter World and got some cool lists from Ravi Mangla, Mel Bosworth, Rob MacDonald, KMA Sullivan, and Diana Salier. I added my own list and babblethoughts and BOOM a new column in the Vouched Satellite/Smalldoggies Magazine series is up. CHECK IT PLZ.

Also, what would be on your own Vouched Table? Seriously, tell us, tell us!

Is “Where You Were” Realer Than “What You Were Feeling?”

4 Mar

Big bummer for us all that Gregory Sherl could not be at AWP but his words showed up during all that mess. Read the big great stuff he says for the new Vouched Satellite post at Smalldoggies Magazine. 

I like to talk about memoir because I find it so fascinating. What is memoir? Is it an actual event that occurred, or is it an exact emotion that happened? Is where you were realer than what you were feeling? Can a book about the Oregon Trail be a memoir if the emotions are real? How many memoirs are false because some of the emotions that were going on during that time frame were omitted?


22 Dec

For this month’s Vouched Satellite post at Smalldoggies Magazine, I talk to KMA Sullivan of YesYes Books about publishing and poetry and cool people. Thanks to her for being so nice and smart. Thanks to you for reading.

Would You Look at That Small Doggie

21 Dec

Then, there was this short story by Tyler Gobble at Small Doggies. This might be my favorite thing I’ve ever read of Tyler’s. Thank you, Tyler.

Thirty-seven people pass by, that kind of stride like the earth is sucking in its tummy with each step. Each one has a telescope, even the babies in strollers with little periscopes with unicorns or felt footballs stuck on the sides. One guy pulls his on a cart like a cannon.

Karl says, “Do you think we should tell them that Halley’s Comet doesn’t give a shit about any of us?”

Read the rest at Small Doggies.

Selling Books You Love

10 Nov

In this month’s Vouched Satellite post at Smalldoggies Magazine, I asked Christopher and Laura to talk about the excerpts they use when selling books at the Vouched tables. Some cool insight into the sharing possibilities of Vouched-style selling. HOPE YOU LIKE IT.

This Month Is A Summer Reading Month

9 Jun

For my monthly Vouched Satellite/Smalldoggies Magazine column this time, I asked some people for some summer reading suggestions, and here is what I came up with. YOU’VE GOT A WHOLE LOT OF READING TO DO

Smalldoggies Column

30 Apr

Hey hey. I have a new post up at The Vouched Satellite at Smalldoggies Magazine. It’s an interview with Micah Ling about Book Punch Reviews. NICE


15 Jan

Hey hey. My monthly column went up yesterday at Smalldoggies Magazine for the Vouched Satellite project. A bunch of cool people including the Vouched contributors, Peter Davis, Matt Bell, Ryan Ridge, and Matty Byloos contributed lists of their favorite online lit journals. Thanks to all them for helping out. Thanks to you for supporting indie lit. GET TO READIN’.


9 Dec

My second Vouched Satellite post is up at Smalldoggies. This time, Ryan Ridge and I sit down on the Internet and talk about his American Homes project, objects in indie lit, and even E.B. White. Thanks to Ryan for taking the time to help out. It was super fun. I hope it’s super fun to read.


5 Nov

As Christopher said before, we are stoked to be joining forces for a bimonthly column at Smalldoggies Magazine, getting a chance to go a little overboard on some of our favorite Vouched writers.

Yesterday, my first post went up, featuring an interview with Mike Young, author of the newly released We Are All Good If They Try Hard Enough (Publishing Genius), as well as a review and a special piece of his work.

After Vouching about Mike awhile back, it was a truly funcoolawesome thing to get to do this full length post about him. Please check it out. Please check out his writing. Please check back here.