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SSR #8 of 15: Bend, Break

10 Jul

Bend, Break
Robert Pfeiffer
Plain View Press
94 pgs, $14.95

There’s no room for skepticism in these pages, these are candid and honest truths.

SSR #7 of 15: Victory

9 Jul

Once again, Layne beat me to the punch on this one at Vouched, but holy-moly is it worth a second mention! Also, check out Megan Volpert’s article The Importance of Being Ben Kopel up at HTML Giant. It’s rad!

by Ben Kopel
H_NGM_N Press
112pgs; $14.95

We are all in need of an anthem or ten- things to yell and scream and cut; these are red-blooded oaths between punches.

SSR #6 of 15: Fjords Vol. 1

8 Jul

Fjords Vol. 1
by Zachary Schomburg
Black Ocean Press
72pgs. $14.95

Amber already did a fantastic review of this shortly after AWP, but I can’t contain myself. It needs to be reiterated that this is a book worth having and owning . So:

Schomburg constructs his hundred little deaths as word games; as the reader you are his toy, and he will haunt you.

SSR #5 of 15: Falcons on the Floor

7 Jul

Falcons on the Floor
by Justin Sirois
Publishing Genius
300 pgs, $12

This is a pilgrimage, not just a book;  prepare to be taken under siege- parched and exhausted.

SSR #4 of 15: [C.] an MLP Stamp Stories Anthology

6 Jul

[C.] An MLP Stamp Stories Anthology
by Various Authors
Mud Luscious Press
100 pgs, $12

Plot, protaganist, ending, inch by inch by inch.

SSR #3 of 15: False Spring

5 Jul

False Spring
by Gina Myers
Spooky Girlfriend Press
36 pgs, $6

Saginaw speaks with the dissonance of a gunshot through a light breeze; there’s snow melting and the sun heats the sky.

SSR #2 of 15: I Don’t Mind if You Are Feeling Alone

4 Jul

I Don’t Mind If You Are Feeling Alone
Thomas Patrick Levy
Yes Yes Books
100 pgs, $16

Two people who feel inherently alone, are sometimes a little less alone depending on their proximity or the words and circumstances exchanged.

SSR #1 of 15: Poetry, Poetry Poetry! by Peter Davis

3 Jul

Poetry, Poetry, Poetry!
by Peter Davis
Bloof Books
116 pgs, $16

It is really wonderful that you have come across this book review of this really great book that contains these poems, what great fortune!

Single-Sentence Review: Letters From Robots by Diana Salier

28 May

Letters From Robots
by Diana Salier
Night Bomb Press, 2012

Good gracious we grow up and we get jobs and we try to be Adult, but that churn-churn yaps at our guts where we’d rather ride our bikes around and drink and talk loudly and text message lovely people, which is the reminder that the poems in Diana Salier’s first book Letter From Robots issue, that it is okay to stumble in some rowdiness, that it is good to be wacky with the lights on.

Erasure Single Sentence Review(?): I Don’t Mind If You’re Feeling Alone by Thomas Patrick Levy

24 May

Christopher wrote an awesome review of Thomas Patrick Levy’s new book, I Don’t Mind If You’re Feeling Alone. I did an erasure of that review, creating this Single Sentence Review or whatever.