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SS Review: Poisonhorse by Brandi Wells

26 Feb


POISONHORSE by Brandi Wells

Nephew, 34 pgs., August 2012, $10

A literary eruption, is that a thing, if that’s a thing, it just happened over here, out comes a saddened–>tortured love cry, a near-epic struggle twisted forward and within and out of over a bitty 34 pages, the story of Poisonhorse shrieks, as the horse and the poison the narrator gives it and the bears and the rats and the lady in the cistern and etc. burrow their way into you, as you begin to see yourself as one of the severed heads in the bear’s belly, as what you thought to call love expands and then immediately bursts in your hands.

Check out pieces of Horse here and here. Get the Horse here.

Single-Sentence Review–Chicago Stories: 40 Dramatic Fictions by Michael Czyzniejewski

8 Oct

Chicago Stories: 40 Dramatic Fictions
by Michael Czyzniejewski
Curbside Splendor $14.99

Here we get forty full-blast voices from Chicago personalities and icons, spitting their perspectives on what made them part of Chicago history, revealing pieces to their puzzles in extraordinarily clever and insightful ways, as Czyzniejewski’s fiction takes us places we didn’t know we could go–Obama decades in the future telling us about his perfect bowling game, Dennis Rodman on the marks he’s left on himself and our culture, Pat Sajak digging deeper on what the spinning wheel really means–all these fabulous stories in that fine city’s celebrity landscape squeezed open, Czyzniejewski conjuring up fantastic possibilities beyond, further, because of.

Check out pieces from this stellar book in The Collagist. Then go buy the beautiful thing!

SSR: For Out of the Heart Proceed by Jensen Beach

2 Aug

For Out of the Heart Proceed
by Jensen Beach
Dark Sky Books, 120 pages, $12

These stories are like a friend’s dad sitting down to talk to you and after a few minutes you realize he’s seen a lot more than you ever will and is possibly dangerous, but that’s a good thing and you want him to keep talking.

SSR #15 of 15: The Collected Works of Scott McClanahan Vol. 1

17 Jul

Before I get to my single sentence review, I would like to say a few things. First,  doing this series of single-sentence reviews has been a joy, and hopefully our readers liked them too.

Secondly, Scott McClanahan, the subject of this SSR, happens to be reading tonight in Atlanta for the Solar Anus reading series at Beep Beep Gallery along-side the lovely ladies of the Southern Comfort Book Tour. If you are in the area, it would be really great if you would join us, because it’s going to be a tremendous time.

Last reminder: the Very Vouched Birthday party will take place tomorrow evening, Wednesday, July, 18th, at the Goatfarm at 7pm. Hope to see you there!

The Collected Works of Scott McClanahan, Vol. 1
by Scott McClanahan
Lazy Fascist Press
132p, $10.95

The American South and all of its absurd calamity has been bound in these pages–volatile and jocular, hopeful but quick to throw a punch.

SSR #14 of 15: Sweet Nothing

16 Jul

Sweet Nothing
by Nate Pritts
Lowbrow Press
112p; $13

These poems are a collection of polaroids I would like to keep in my back pocket: the pulse of a ticking watch, an empty seat on a crowded morning commute train, the aching sunlight of the afternoon.

SSR #13 of 15: The Book of Freaks

15 Jul

The Book of Freaks
by Jamie Iredell
Future Tense Books
136p, $11

This is my type of encyclopedia- the kind that doesn’t heavily costume the humorless or strip the wacky into something mundane- equal parts dark comedy and a field-guide.

SSR #12 of 15: Short Dark Oracles

14 Jul

Short Dark Oracles
by Sara Levine
Cake Train
118p, $8

This book is like that new girl you saw on campus years ago and still dream of- witty, fresh, and smarter than you.

SSR #11 of 15: People Are Tiny In Paintings of China

13 Jul

People are Tiny in Paintings of China
By Cynthia Arrieu-King
Octopus Books
88 pgs; $12

A view-master full of wonders of light, color, and circumstance- these poems uproot you and force you to see.

SSR #10 of 15: Cataclysm Baby

12 Jul

Cataclysm Baby
by Matt Bell
Mud Luscious Press
105 pgs, $12

Twenty-six fathers, each the victim of his wayward child, of his own greed, of his own fury (when Icarus fell from the sky, he took Daedalus down with him- because it was Daedalus who put him there).

SSR #9 of 15: The Fullness of Everything

11 Jul

The Fullness of Everything
by Christopher Newgent, Tyler Gobble, and Brian Oliu
Tiny Hardcore Press
128 pgs, $12

This may seem weird or incestuous of me to write an SSR for a book that is 2/3rd’s Vouched people but, fuck it- you need to read it. Plus Tyler Gobble is on a mega roadtrip right now and we need to celebrate that.

So, here we go:

It is said that triumvirates are all a ruse, that no three can wield power equally- but these collections are equilateral in strength- so Gobble, Oliu, and Newgent have accomplished something here that Caesar, Magnus, and Crassus couldn’t.