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Game: Horses Holograms

7 Sep

Shane Jones’ fingertips might be full of magic. Don’t you think? Like, maybe his keyboard lights up a little bit every time he types up a story. Or even better, when he plays cat’s cradle the yarn turns into a beam of light. Look at the magic he’s woven over at Elimae:


During her best games of Horses Hologram, Mom produces eight individual holograms in eight beams of light, her hand contorted in a new symbol. The highest crystal nearly touches the ceiling, grazes corner cobwebs. The lowest hovers, flickers, near her ear, and once she tilted her head and half the crystal, part of the yellow beam, disappeared inside her hair.



My first reaction was, honestly, that I don’t like the name “Shane.”

14 Jul

Just read this vulnerably cute/friendly and funny conversation between Adam Robinson and Shane Jones regarding the publication of Light Boxes on Publishing Genius and its subsequent rise to Penguin.

I have to admit, I’ve been trying to find ways in my head to justify selling Light Boxes at the Vouched table despite its big house status now — “Well, it was initially released on a small press, right?”

But, regardless, I’ve a feeling Penguin won’t exactly schluff copies to some dude with a book table.

So, in the meantime, I’ll simply make it a part of Vouched Online. If you’ve not snagged a copy of Light Boxes, you should. It’s an artistic and imaginative book with aspirations much, much larger than its page count.