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An Evening with Frank Bill – Feb 10th

17 Jan

Vouched is teaming up with Punchnel’s, Second Story, and Big Car to bring you a night to hang out with author Frank Bill (Crimes in Southern Indiana).

From the desk at Second Story/Punchnel’s:

An evening of conversation with Frank Bill, author of Crimes in Southern Indiana, for readers, writers, and people who like hanging out with them. Bill will be joined by winning writers from the Boiled Down Noir Contest at Punchel’s.

Admission: Free
Food & drink will be available at the event

All proceeds benefit the work of Second Story to help kids learn to love creative writing.

We’ll also host a pre-event reading group discussion of Bill’s book at Service Center on Wednesday, Feb. 1 at 6:30 p.m. This is also free.

Sponsored by:

Vouched Books
Big Car

If you got them in you, crank out some words for the noir contest. And get thee to the Service Center on February 10th to drink some beer with a guy who knows his backwood noir.

Recap: Vouched Presents Winkler, Schaivo, Christman & Davis

19 May

If you weren’t one of the 48 people at Vouched Presents last Sunday, I want you to go to the corner and think about what you’ve done. But, feel free to take along a laptop/iPad/portable-thing-that-allows-you-to-surf-the-web and check out these videos that Nathan Monk shot of the shindig.

After some “uh, um, uh,” from me, Kyle Winkler opened the show with some solid goodness from a longer work about Florida–good words, dialogue of chuckles, “cloisonné”. People who say “behoove” seriously are assholes.

Michael Schaivo stepped up next, read some good work from his chapbooks, sonnets that don’t honor the form, sonnets that explode the ends of Shakespeare’s open &c.

We took an intermission and the buying of books, the drinking of beer, my lips get looser looser, then Jill Christman read an essay published at Barrelhouse about her ass, knew how to work a mic, kept making cute references to her husband Mark, people went aw and guffaw.

The last of the night was Peter Davis, watching these mustache makes me realize I need to “less talk, more rock,” myself, but Davis weighed anchor, calm mustache, even keel, the audience glad they stuck around to the mustache, lafflafflaff, Tina. Skate or mustache.

Thanks again to everyone who came out, to Nathan for helping set up and tear down and sell beer, to Brittany for making and donating cookies, Big Car of course for the gallery, and I’m sure I leave people out, I’m sorry, but I hope you know my gratitude, I hope you know, I hope I see you again in July.

Vouched Presents: May 15th!

15 Apr

RSVP to the facebook event!

Vouched Presents is a free fundraiser for Second Story Indy, an organization that connects local youth with literature and encourages expression and learning through creative writing.


Jill Christman is author of the memoir Darkroom: A Family Exposure. She once resuscitated a dolphin by performing mouth-to-mouth through its blowhole.

Kyle Winkler’s fiction has been featured in various journals. He has never seen firemen rescue a kitten from a tree and doesn’t believe that’s ever happened.

Peter Davis is author of Hitler’s Moustache and Poetry! Poetry! Poetry! He never toured with Bob Dylan in the 1970s, but if you ask him about it, he might tell you a story.

Michael Schiavo, no not that Michael Schiavo, is author of The Mad Song. In 1994, Schiavo appeared as an extra in Saved by the Bell: The College Years, playing the valet who opened the door for Kelly Kapowski in episode 7.


Big Car Gallery can be kind of tricky to find, so here’s the run down:

Go around to the back of the Murphy Arts Building and you’ll see a set of glass double doors. Enter through them and hang a right, go up the stairs, hang a left at the top of the stairs, and follow the signs to Big Car through a series of ante-chamber style rooms until you get to suite 215. I’ll also post Vouched Presents This Way signs with arrows to help you along your way.