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Sarah Carson Just Made My Sunday Morning

29 Jan

I woke up with a grumpy stomach and heavy eyes. I did that thing where I got from bed to Facebook. I saw Sarah Carson, short short/prose poem creator of total goodness, had four things up at Wigleaf. I read those four things. I am convinced Vouched-World needs to see them. I hope they brighten up your day like they did mine.

Here’s the second half of my favorite one, “The New Planet After You.”

Every now and then someone thinks they hear your name bouncing off a satellite and we all go running, but it’s usually nothing. We’ve lost entire afternoons to discussing how much we wish you’d come back. We understand why you wouldn’t, but it doesn’t keep every passing comet from sounding like you coming in for a landing. It’s no way to live, really, but it’s what we got.



Duck Duck Goose by Feng Sun Chen

8 Nov

Is it still a game if you’re the only player?, the speaker asks in the middle of this poem in the new issue of Diagram. And the parts of this poem surrounding this line answer a definitive maybe. We’ve got the action, the movement, as this poem twists, turns, and causes havok with some awesome language. But also, it seems more than a game, as the speaker realizes, Each targeting our one ever-bleeding legend/wrapped up in all sorts of literal objects.

Here is a definitive yes: this poem rules.

Also, here are two other pieces from issue 10.5 that smacked me in the mouth (FEELIN GOOD):

Self-Portrait on Pop Rocks by Sarah Carson: OHYEAH first line, very cool build

Heat, Pressure, Time: Desire, Narrative, Time by Hilary Plum: impressive stretching of language