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Best Thing I’ve Read Today: Caroline Crew

6 Nov

logo_darker_color_trimIssue 9 of Phantom Limb, one of my favorite online journals, went live the other day. Caroline Crew, co-editor of another one my favorite online journals, ILK, has a wonderful little poem in the new issue titled “Plastic Sonnet 4.” I would suggest clicking-through to read the entire issue, but here is Crew’s piece in its entirety:


high on your breastbone footing
you are waking me up


the morning is stretched
these walls their full proportions

& if the light is to be believed
the city is making its way in

if singing in the shower
is a prayer against encroachment

you are doing a fine job

the mammal tongue is an adaptable
instrument but not as a weapon

it is okay to fall
it is okay

outside the city
is already totally drunk on your skin

I enjoy the manner in which, midway through the poem, the outside world enters this intimate bedroom scene, causing an interior space and exterior space (i.e. “the city”) to collapse into one another so as to be “totally drunk on your skin.” Good stuff.

Best Thing I’ve Read Today: W.M. Lobko at Phantom Limb

9 Jul

A quick hello, check this out. “Hand-Picked in the Dead of Night” by W.M. Lobko pulses so clearly and intricately that they seem just like that, chosen by the light of a new moon. Take a chance and bask in the beauty of this poem, or “Snap/them off & they’re yours.”

Here’s the beginning:

A ballroom built of chalices & eagles.

You arrive as they’re changing the candles
to moons.

My negotiations with their gravity wells

are intricate as a cello
I don’t know how to play

but love to touch. Oil on my fingers

I am learning unfurls a mask
of polychrome

across a canyon. Down in the wash,
two silhouettes

pulse in the ash.

Check out the rest here.