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Best Thing I’ve Read Today: Kelin Loe in NOÖ Weekly

2 Sep

Recently, that old scoundrel Nick Sturm put together his own version of a NOÖ Weekly, testing the flex and the stretch of us all with a hunk of long poems and series.

And there I saw this intense oomph from Kelin Loe. It goes like a mighty wildfire. Wow. It made me walk laps and sweat. That’s a good thing. Kelin has a great way of talking is the best I can say it.

clydesdales , hot dogs and dollar shots  —  meet me here OR no oven mitts on fire in here ! ! !

i will make these lasagnas in 15 minutes wearing nothing but those panties !

tracing my umbrella now. how the rib meets the rod is unclear .

penises hanging everywhere and nobody is worried but me   !


! ! !


somebody please quit making out in the library it sounds like eating stew !! and please tell me if i need to poop or otherwise —

been eating cereal like its meal so much corn and so much time to eat the corn and grind grind and i believe you followed the trail of sugar to find me yesterday so

HERE    I    AM    , HONEY POT ! ! !

i keep opening the internet like there is food in there  .


! ! !


before my husband was my husband i learned that men don’t wipe after number one  .

and, as an aviator , how do you feel about my relationship with my husband ? ??

can you or can you not see it ? ?

please is it made of MATTER HOW much can it mean ? ?

banana bag !   NOW !!  and a middle-aged man to tell me FACTS  .


! ! !

Caroline Cabrera told us all about Kelin and her goodness back in this interview, remember? If we weren’t paying attention yet, now’s the time, okay?

Check out more great sprawling stuff from Mike Krutel, Matthew Yeager, S.E. Smith, and more in that issue, too!


New Love: Julianna Spallholz

11 Jun

Amber Sparks reviewed Julianna Spallholz’s collection of stories, The State of Kansas, for Vouched on January 26. I think I was frozen at the time because somehow I missed it.

I did, however, find Julianna’s story, “The Body” in Noö [14] and am now hooked like one of those fiends I occasionally see passed out in my front yard. Maybe they just couldn’t handle all the goodness that Julianna serves up.

The body has been told that it is tall. The body has been told that it is graceful but also that it moves like some strange animal. The body didn’t know how to take that. The body is scarred where its moles have been taken. The body has never broken a bone or been stung by a bee. The body may be allergic to bees, it doesn’t know.

Read the rest of it here.

NOÖ Journal and Vouched Books Collaboration HEY

10 Apr

A bitty while back, I started sending virtual envelopes and doing other duties for Mike Young (on behalf of his cool adventures Magic Helicopter Press and NOÖ Journal). Prepping our resources and brains to release NOÖ [14], we climbed a little hill to an idea for a partnership between NOÖ and Vouched.

NOÖ has always chattered about the books it loves. And seeing how Vouched exists because of its founders unstoppable urge to chatter about books they love, we were like UH-HUH let’s bring that together. So in order to offer a wider variety of reviews and reviewers for NOÖ, Vouched now has an umbrella stand in those pages, writing some of these presentations (reviews for those of you wondering at home).

That big chunk of work that started all this talking, NOÖ [14] is out and about officially, both online and in a sweet FREE print edition available in neat locations. We at Vouched couldn’t be more stoked to jump onto this riverboat.

Take a look at this new issue featuring stellar work (poems, prose, pictures, presentations, ALL GREAT P things), featuring:

Nalini Abhiraman
Jeremy Bauer
Anne Boyer
Rick Bruns
Meagan Cass
Lisa Ciccarello
Elizabeth J. Colen
Marit Ericson
Ashley Farmer
Russell Jaffe
Rachael Katz
Joe Kmiecik
John Kolbek
Lisa Kostrzynski
Mike Krutel
Gene Kwak
Nicholas Lockyer
Tony Mancus
Erin McNellis
Elizabeth Mikesch
Rodney Nelson
Claudio Parentela
Morgan Parker
Michael Parsons
Hai-Dang Phan
Meghan Privitello
Fabio Sassi
Kelly Schirmann
Ben Segal
Katie Jean Shinkle
Julianna Spallholz
Emily Toder
Chris Toll
James Valvis
Ron Winkler
Wendy Xu

And of course of course, the presentations by Vouched ATL supergal Laura Straub (two even!), Vouched contributor Scott Daughtridge, and myself.
So stoked about this, the return of NOÖ, the collab of here and there. Please please please check it out okay okay okay.


24 Nov

That lady on the PDF cover is all like, these words are all beautiful and goodness like me. I don’t think she’s lying. I don’t think the big foot is disagreeing either.

My favorite piece from this issue is A Kiss on the Purplish Light by Ben Mirov. I’M STOKED BY THE WAY THIS POEM TAKES SOME FEELING AND TWIRLS IT AROUND SOME INSIGHT. So often, life is like MAN I’M SAD THESE FLOWERS ARE ALL DEAD or I JUST LOVE THIS PERSON LIKE WOAH. But I forget to think, why did they die?, how does this person fit into “the scheme” of things? This poem reminds me of the good life, where my emotions have shapes like coffee spilt on the table.

Other great things poppin’ out:

Some cool reviews about add-to-the-list-books like Crash Dome by Alex Phillips, OK, Goodnight by Emily Kendal Frey & Zachary Schomburg, and Ghost Machine by Ben Mirov.

Running the Drain by Brian Allen Carr: part with the innkeeper’s daughter didn’t work for me, but man this piece weighs a ton.

Todd Colby has three poems in this issue: “Electric Light Pony” is my favorite, with sweet lines like “There will never be more of me/than you can handle ever, I swear.”

We Are Hearing The Loudest Animal Be The Loudest by Emily Pettit: I love reading fun poems and finding out that I learned something that might help me win Who Wants To Be A Millionaire one day.

Kim Chinquee’s “Please, Just Come to the Door” at NOÖ

15 Sep

What do they normally say about a pillow? Yeah, I don’t remember.

But this story molds around my head, the narrator all “maybe” or “I don’t remember,” this sympathetic character with this weird-dad climbing a rope, the bad memories forcing her to be all wobbly, making me all stoked through the telling of this event, then the sister leaves and boom, description of the night. Like goodnight. Wait, what about the father, where did he go, what did he do anyway, what is his story? Oh, story, you are with me.

Yeah, I remember now, there are two sides to every pillow and one makes you get all snuggly, while your mind keeps going back to the side left behind, both these things stuck under your head, smooshed together.