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Best Thing I’ve Heard This Week: Fortin & Pritts

4 Nov

This past Saturday, the Big Big Mess reading series in Akron, OH, once again, hosted some out of town readers for their monthly poetry spectacular. Two of the readers were the Rochester, NY poets Jennifer H. Fortin and Nate Pritts, both of who gave terrific performances. Below are videos of each, their heads balls of light and backed with a scrim of skulls.

Nate Pritts reads his poem “The Hills Have Justice” from his most recent book Right Now More Than Ever:

Jennifer H. Fortin reads a new poem, titled “Crash Reporter.” Her most recent book is We Lack in Equipment & Control:

The next Big Big Mess will be December 21 with Stephen Danos, Jess Poli, Athena Pallotta, and Bronwyn Valentine.

RISE TIME by Nate Pritts

6 Jan

Last week in a mild New Year’s Eve hangover haze, I read three sections of Nate Pritts’ long poem “RISE TIME” in TOAD, and goddamn. It fireworks and booms and shines and settles all over the good earth. It’s a great thing to read just after the starting pistol of the new year, to keep you galloping post-champagne and sequins:

What I love about live is that it’s a problem
how you can never take things into yourself enough
or never see yourself reflected in every mirror at once
All you can do is ache         & stay alive.
Read the rest of these sections at TOAD.

SSR #14 of 15: Sweet Nothing

16 Jul

Sweet Nothing
by Nate Pritts
Lowbrow Press
112p; $13

These poems are a collection of polaroids I would like to keep in my back pocket: the pulse of a ticking watch, an empty seat on a crowded morning commute train, the aching sunlight of the afternoon.

Nate Pritts at Dark Sky

12 Apr

I was reading a bit of Dark Sky Magazine earlier today and ran across Nate Pritts’s poem “No Memorial”:

I will not ever need to answer to anyone
     about why something isn’t where it should be in my heart.

It’s a poem that moves in interesting ways. Join me over there and give it a read, won’t you?

Sky Scrambler Pritts Poem

17 Feb

Nate Pritts has a poem over at The Scrambler that plays on my love for negative space and white and white and sky, and I know Pritts seems to have this style of airy lines and breaks, but this just gets to me–I was scared I couldn’t format a copy & paste excerpt correctly enough so I just took a screen shot:

Read the rest here, trust me, it will move you.

Also, Nate Pritts is reading here in Indy for Vouched Presents on March 26th. Start getting excited.

Vinyl Poetry Rules YES YES YES

2 Dec

Yesterday, I realized I needed a haircut, so my also-named-Tyler pal cut it for me.

Today, I remembered how cool Vinyl Poetry is.

The new issue has cool stuff by fun word people like Bob Hicok, Nate Pritts, and Nick Ripatrazone.

But Vinyl also brings the boo-yeah with people I’ve never read before.

Like the work of Prathna Lor. These short prose poems rule in the way complicated things hide themselves in simple shapes, like a boom boom change of heart hidden in a haircut.

Check out what I mean in this excerpt from “Mannerisms:”

Every so often, I arrive at a locus where I am unable to politely hold a ball of air. And it is during these moments in which I think of you, you, and you—though, perhaps, not in that order.

Also, the Grocery List thing is as wild as grocery lists get.

Heck, this whole journal is interesting, so get interested and interests and interesting.

“When you read, have fun.” – my first grade teacher.

Single-Sentence Review: FEELINGS, Assoc. by Matt Hart and Nate Pritts

27 Nov

This pocket-sized, staple-bound chapbook of conversation poems, with a tour schedule on the back, feels like exactly what poetry needs: collaboration, activeness, and a whole lot of FEELINGS.

Order it here