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“The House Was So Alone” by Natalie Lyalin (notnostrums 7)

15 Apr

I’ve been digging writing about religions lately, all kinds, for and against, testimonies and arguments, reasoned and hysterics. About to move from my home-state, away from my hometown (again), I’ve been thinking a lot about my religious teen years–why I believed it, why I left it, why I stay away. All the contradictions (of the religion, of the religious, of my religious self). All the swirled and swirling emotions, then and now.

And I found Natalie Lyalin’s poem to be both comforting as I look back and an example of the writing I’m using to look back. It’s all of the above–a testimony and an argument, for and against, reasoned and a bit hysterical. It’s a poem to carry with me, too.

We joined a cult
It was beautiful
Our cult, it was helpful to others
We were not phantoms
No, we were real gems
We had depth
But our house
It remained a mystery
Who survived there?
Who survived?

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