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Diana Salier’s “What I Say When You Ask What I’m Up To” (a Moving Poem)

29 Apr

Here we go, couch castles fortify against the blues in this video for Diana Salier’s poem “What I Say When You Ask What I’m Up To.”  I dig the paper room and its paper furnishings and paper Diana cradling a laptop or standing around, trying to figure out what indeed she’s up to, what she’ll be up to next, and after that.

“What I Say Sometimes And Then Stop Myself” by Peter Davis (Poem-Video at Moving Poems)

2 Apr

Peter’s work is this shaken bottle of haha and near-creepy heart-aching honesty. The videos he creates for his poems and songs, such as this one, plunge this sort of animation into those depths. Check out his new book TINA, now out from Bloof Books, for more goodness like this.

Moving Poems truly is one of the web’s raddest places for Poem Videos. Check out their whole directory for videos featuring work ranging from Martin Espada to Diana Salier, Gertrude Stein to Zachary Schomburg.