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Everyday Genius Goes Print in June

30 May

Everyday Genius, one of my favorite online journals perhaps of all time, is releasing a special print issue for June 2012. It looks like this, which is a cover designed by Jimmy Chen, who’s a pr’ kewl guy.

I think it’s to celebrate or commemorate something or other, but all in all, it just looks awesome, and has an incredible line up of contributors (Aaron Burch, Stephanie Barber, Michael Kimball, Catherine Lacey, Joseph Young, et al), and this is all just to say you should go here and purchase the damn thing (it’s only $11 after shipping), and you should probably do that before June 1st, because then you could win a Publishing Genius prize pack, which includes a bunch of incredible books from PGP and a PGP tote to carry them in and a PGP coozy to keep your beer coozed, or if you’re a recovering alcoholic, to keep your soda pop coozed.

SSR: Us by Michael Kimball

12 Nov


Michael Kimball
Tyrant Books, 180 pgs, $14.95

“She was breathing too much of herself out and not enough back in.”

Faced with our own mortality Kimball shows us gently, urgently the loveliness of the minutia, slowly pushing us forward through a story of a life’s love in the same slow pace that death sometimes takes, we are reminded that  in an age of ambiguous diseases and a desire for classification we can still pass of old age.

Available from:
Tyrant Books | Powell’s | Amazon

Smile Politely Chambana

12 Nov

Champaign-Urbana’s, Smile Politely, has a great interview with Andy Devine, Adam Robinson, and Michael Kimball re: Andy’s reading this Sunday at The Iron Post. I’m planning on going to this. Whose comin’ with me?

Stories & Beer Reading Series
ft. Andy Devine
4pm @ the Iron Post
120 South Race Street
Urbana, IL 61801

This is Aaron Burch reading last month at Stories & Beer, a couple stories from his recent book How to Predict the Weather:

That was a weekend to remember.

T-Shirt by Michael Kimball

31 Oct

I stumbled upon this story over at BLIP today, a day where I wear my normal clothes instead of the assumed Halloween costume, a day where I’m finally washing four laundry baskets of shirts, pants, towels that I’ve neglected for three weeks, a day when I’m recovering from a weekend of trying to get comfortable and warm with my closest friends.

This story goes beyond being simple and clever, to really matter, to put this metaphor to work. I’m relating to it right now: I’m a guy, but I guess too I am a t-shirt of sorts. I’m just in love with the way this story strikingly matters.

Here is a neat excerpt:

For its whole life, T-Shirt has liked get ting pulled on and pulled off. T-Shirt likes get ting dirty and get ting thrown in with the other dirty clothes. T-shirt likes get ting thrown into the wash and get ting all wet and twisted up with the other wet clothes. T-Shirt likes how hot it gets tum bling in the dryer and how clean it feels in the laun dry bas ket after that.

Here are some links for other things I like at BLIP. Good work there:

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