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Steak Night By Melissa Broder (Poem-Video at Moving Poems)

23 Apr

Another stellar poem-video at Moving Poems, this one based on the poem “Steak Night” by Melissa Broder, created by Daniel Lichtenberg, with original music by Diana Salier and Rob Justesen, and poem read by Edward Carden. The poem is from Broder’s collection, Meat Heart, from Publishing Genius Press. That book was one of my favorite poetry collections of 2012, wild with several layers of ripped open energy.

Coconut Poetry Is Back And I Say Woooooo.

19 Dec

It’s true! Issue 15 is here. And thank goodness for that. Coconut was one of the first online journals that got me stoked. Missed it:(

But it’s back with more stellarness, more POEMS . Here’s the stuff that made me throw in an extra WOW:

Everything Dissolves At A Certain Temperature by Amber Nelson

I have refused many genitalia including the electrical

oh mama! see these many buzzing elements

please don’t cage my energy efficient light bulbs

my love for you is not a coin operated washer/drier

Five Poems by Nin Andrews

Fraude, nf
A fake or deceptive orgasm.  Also, a smuggler of orgasms.

Gifle,  nm.
An orgasm that slaps you in the face.  Also, a wakeup call.

Hargne nf
An ill-tempered orgasm that makes you pay for all your sins.

Idem, nf
An orgasm that takes you again and again. Also, an orgasm like a ditto machine

Jouet, nm
An orgasm that treats you like toy, or something to play with when one is bored. much like a cat with a ball of yarn.

Two Poems by Melissa Broder

from Transcendental Critique

The word for wish is want.
Knowledge gets us what?
Not enough biscuits.
Sick dogs sniff each other out.
I build an oven over your mouth
and set the door on fire.
Grunts are still possible.
Let’s corpse.

Check out the rest of the issue, including other goodness by Kory Calico, Corey Zeller, Ron Padgett, Molly Brodak, and many more.