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Loose Change Magazine wants to go to print!

14 May

With the closures of some of our favorite publishers and literary journals over the past few months, I think it’s important we keep our chin up and focus on some new and exciting developments that are being made with other journals. Tyler brought our attention to the good stuff at Matter Monthly last week. Now I’d like to draw your attention to our friends at Loose Change Magazine.


Loose Change is ascending! In March they released a new website and their third volume and threw a party to celebrate. Now they’re in the process of raising funds to release their first ever print issue! Read all about it their power2give fundraiser page.

Vouched ATL September wrap-up

13 Oct

Whoa September flew by! It feels like maybe October is following suit. Before time gets away from me I’d like to do a round up of VouchedATL’s September happenings. But since it’s October, I’ll sneak a trick in the treat: this whole post is backwards.

We had a reading on September 19th! It was full of wonder and glory! Our readers were stupendous! The venue was amazing! The audience was beautiful!

Here’s a picture of Molly Brodak and Matt DeBenedictus reading to us. They charmed everyone’s pants off. Molly made caramels and they were absolutely delicious. That tells you a lot about Molly, doesn’t it? I can only imagine that it takes great patience and precision to make chocolate dipped caramels. She’s just as careful with her words, and it shows.

Matt gave everyone choices. He would hold up his hands and summarize option 1 and option 2. It was kind of a Choose Your Own Adventure situation. Who doesn’t love choosing their own adventure? At the end of one of his stories, about different popes, he stood up on his chair like a boss. It was great.

Before them Cristina Martin read. Her poems are sweet and carbonated like champagne, brimming with description that bursts off the page. They’re beautiful to hear. Cristina read after Daniel Beauregard, whose poetry is full of undercurrents and introspection. This is what they looked like reading.

First of the evening was Sarah Beard, who was spritely and potent. Before her there was set-up times. Check out the amazing lighting that the goat-farm had for us!

The VouchedATL Chalkboard actually made its debut a week before at the Decatur Book Festival! Two days of book-loving bliss with the great people of Wink!   The pictures say quite a bit for me.

I’d like to take a second and thank all of the local writers who came by to visit throughout the two days: Gina Myers, Cristina Martin, Molly Brodak, Matt DeBenedictis, Tom Cheshire, Jamie Iredell (+ family!), Blake Butler, Ben Spivey, Melysa Martinez, Johnny Carroll, and John Steen. All of you really made my weekend. It was also wonderful to meet so many new writers and readers. I hope that everyone at the festival had as much fun as we did. (Trust me, we had a lot of fun.)

Also a thousand thank you’s to the good people of the Goat Farm who were so incredibly helpful . More thank you’s to our stupendous readers! Thank you to Wink for being the best bunch of booth buddies! Thank you to my awesome husband for being such a champion with a camera!

Our next Vouched Presents reading will be Wednesday, November 9th at the Goatfarm, with awesome readings by Robert Pfeiffer, Gina Myers, Tom Cheshire, and Amy Herschleb! More details, Awful Interviews, and an awesome poster to come!

Awful Interview: Cristina Martin

13 Sep

Along with being the Editor n’ Chief over at Loose Change Magazine, Cristina Martin is an authority on breakfast food, which is one of the many reasons I like her so much. Some of the other reasons I like her so much include (but are not limited to): 1. Her overall cheerful disposition 2. Her spontaneity 3. Her Sweet dance moves 4. Her love and tolerance of my lists. She’ll be reading for us on Monday, September 19th at the next Atlanta Edition of the Vouched Presents series. If you’re lucky, she’ll also be dancing.

Let’s get straight to the good stuff. Why do you wake up in the morning?

On the weekdays, because my alarm clock tells me I have to.  On the weekends, its for b-b-b-brunch!

Ooh! Breakfast food tugs at my heart-strings. What’s your ideal breakfast? Does having a good breakfast help your writing?

My absolute favorite breakfast is one that my dad makes for me every time I am home: Fried eggs cooked in bacon fat served with a couple of slices of buttered toast, and, of course, a couple slices of not too crispy pork strips.  With some fresh squeezed orange juice and a warm cup of coffee on the side I am in complete bliss.   I don’t know if it helps my writing, but man, it makes this lady pretty happy.

That sounds delicious! Have you ever tried writing a poem about breakfast?

Oh no, I haven’t…yet? Should I try now?

Oooh! The Awful Interview’s Debut Impromptu Poem. Let’s go for it!

Errr…um…okay lets see…

oh bacon, my bacon

you dip into the yolk

like a spear into the sun

and in the salty

slight crisp of it all

my little heart screams YUM!

BAM! Breakfast poem managed.  I can cross that off my bucket list now.

*Clapping for you* That was great! What kind of music do you listen to when you write?

It really depends on what I am trying to write about.  Something based in a bit of the magical or mysterious, I’ll reach for Cocorosie or the instrumentations of Carlos Nunez.  If there is a tinge of unrequited love, then maybe I’ll put on my Fionn Regan Pandora station or the songs of Patsy Cline.  Old school recordings of hymns set up good for nostalgia.   And then sometimes I’m just down right obsessive with the same song over and over and over again.  I have been listening to St. Vincent’s “Cruel”  this whole week like its my freakin’ job. But I’ve always got some jams playing for sure, if only for the needed dance party break from the writing (bachata beats and Otis Redding to boot!)

Wait, do you really get up from writing for dance breaks? Do you have mad moves?

Oh, I’ve got crazy mad moves.  Its hard for me to sit in one place for a long period of time, so yes, if the speakers start telling me to “Try a little tenderness..” then I tend to use it as an excuse to get up and shake a little tail feather, get some new energy flowing.  But don’t worry, if I am in public the most I do is some shoulder sways back and forth.

Have you been known to interrupt yourself mid-reading  to start dancing? If not, would you like to become known for that, say… on September 19th?

Hmmmm…I don’t know.  You’re just going to have to come to the reading to find out…

Could you write one more impromptu poem about why people should attend our reading, or does lighting not strike the same interview twice?

Vouched, when you look at me like that, how can I say no? Okay…here goes….

You’ve got to get back to the farm,

to the once ruins of buildings,

and goats that will lick the honey

from your finger tips.

You’ve got to get back to the farm

so we darlings can stand on that wood plank stage,

pour our hearts over the newly planted dirt,

pretend we know nothing of sidewalks and streetlights.

There’s just the barn and the breeze

and those lovely little words we want to give you all.

Hows that for off-the-cuff?