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Best Things I’ve Read This Week: Three New Issues of Rad Magazines

9 Dec

Got all unsituated for a sec but here, I am back. Missed this Vouching raft. A few good mags popped open their newest caps for us recently. ENJOY:

The real as hell Vinyl displayed this big huff thing “Aaahhh” by Steven D. Schroeder, like it too “exhaled jet fuel and ozone holes.” With bottom gut oomph like this issue in general does, this poem brings the noise with the knob turned up two or three spots. And that end squishes the breath outta me.

Here starts the burn:

No, not smell that honeysuckle!
or what a refreshing Coke!
or you solved the equation for oxygen!
As the only plants that manufactured
air outsourced to Singapore,
our breath burst, swarmed, burned,
turned every vowel plosive,
laughed a feral mongrel’s cough.
When it vented verbs skyward,
we exhaled jet fuel and ozone holes.
When it ran low at grocery stores,
the choice was paper or plastic bags
for our faces.

“My Own Dead American” by Matthew Harrison in the new issue of Sixth Finch is its own sort of devil, swaying between truths, singing your name (well, Diana), eating and fucking and losing. I’m awed by this poem’s allure. I am the I and Diana and “the Jacuzzi at the spa where you left/the final body of your message.” I’m broken at the end as we find out America is what we feared all along: “long and lonesome.”

And then there was Laurel Hunt with her own brand of splattering in the 2nd anniversary issue of Smoking Glue Gun. These speakers press a thumb out and down, remain wildly optimistic and charitable. Addicting is what they are, beginning to end.


“You taxidermied a bear!” by Laurel Hunt (Forklift, Ohio)

10 Apr

As always, the new issue of Forklift, Ohio (#26 if you’re counting at home!) is a big hunk of hand-bound goodness. This one is a little fancier than previous ones (don’t worry the diagrams and gritty poems are there still!); it’s like this one is ready for prom (a weird, wild prom for sure!). As always, the new issue is stuffed with awesome poets like Russell Dillon, Laurie Saurborn Young, Noelle Kocot, and more. To someone, I described this issue of having an unintended theme: love poems that have been set on fire and/or beaten with a stick.

“You taxidermied a bear!” by Laurel Hunt certainly fits that description, opening with “The boys & girls at the museum gift shop are in love with you” and rattling along through images of building bad boats and wearing turtlenecks on the shores and going on a crime spree, the wonders and the rowdy of life set ablazed in one big pile.

The boys & girls at the museum gift shop are in love with you
they look up from their sales of sextants and astronaut ice cream

to be in love with you/
good for you

I’m just calling to say I’ll be late mhmm
you filled up the kitchen with washbasins & soaked all the reeds

Snag a copy of the issue and check out all the goodness for yourself!