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Lamination Colony is all kinds of rays of colorlight

28 Oct

Lamination Colony‘s final (read: bummer dude) issue is closing this web journal with a boomabang. I bet you know this.

Ryan Ridge is back with another installment of “The Anatomy of American Homes.” Man, I’m so stoked about this series, really, like I’ve lived in an American home for what 22 years now, but the way this guy moves it around, shapes it, hands it over, it is shocking and even better, fun.

Peter Davis is here with three poems that shriek with personality, his honesty and humor and goodness. I think I like “Mother’s Day” best, the uniting of the skateboard and the wife as images, metaphors, etc., is tricky, but Davis lands it smooth.

Jeremy Schmall throws language around like he just figured out it’s a dangerous world. I like the first line a lot: With the dim sky out of sight I can almost—finally—be just a dude under tree branches.

Catherine Lacey in “Everybody” reminds me the importance of a name, “Everybody” is the name of the character and that just threw me for a loop, for real. Also, this story seems to take words like “eggs” and “had it” and make them unbelievably powerful.

Amber Sparks makes me like science and places I don’t know, and that’s nice. The coolest thing about this story is the way the title interacts with the content, man my mind is racing.

Cool last issue. I know a lot of people are sad about this issue, but this seems like a sweet way to end it, like seriously it’s just a super issue. AND ALSO YOU KNOW I’M REALLY DIGGING THE FACES AS BACKGROUND WITH BARE SHOULDERS AS AN EXTRA.