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Janey Smith Take The Wheel (of the NAP bus)

13 Sep

There it is, a new issue of NAP, that super slick slick slick online mag, oh how I love it, its various formats (I’m of the PDF onto my phone feeling, though I don’t know exactly why), and this one, this new one, is one of the most stellar stacks so far, this one of all women, alphabetized, Alissa Nutting to xTx, with bunches of major stops in between…

…for work by Carrie Lorig, a remarkable lyrical chunk, after finishing it, I went WOAH BODIES, which is to say this piece burns with the realization of how bodies do, them and this piece and everything it contains moving, alive:

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ look at all these beautiful teeth i have eating. all these beautiful teeth i have sitting on top of each other in the grass. aren’t you tired of them? our saddles come out on the shore in shapes we don’t recognize. they have been washed long into glass. into leather suns. all the letters are dying longer. all the sides of the words are fogging with breath. i say all my letters into the sea of other seas. i amaze to barely understand what it is i tried to love you about. i amaze to barely understand i am rolling over your body at any moment thinking crowd, thinking herd, thinking more rock.

…for three poems by Eileen Myles, three walks in the world, slowing pulling open the boxes we live in, like “People,” a short sharp point about how we are positioned next to one another, fetus or not, too brief to excerpt well here, just read it silly, and “End War,” scripting our own flailing back to us as this:

We fold

our experiences distributing

these words and others

who are also trying to

shake the language

tree receive our letters

and come.

…before arriving at xTx’s drumming “This Is What Happens When You Eat Cake For Three Days,” that beating that goes beyond three days, beyond the cake, the “this is what happens” again and again, the story stacking, the eating of all sorts continuous until Goodbye!–“This is what happens when you break all the way down. This is what happens when you die.”

Yes, I say, check this thing out in whatever format suits you, but be prepared to move around.

P.S. Check out the recent all-lady goodness issues at Pangur Ban Party and ILK, two of my other tip-top favorites.