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Tonight at Big Car Gallery!

4 Nov

It’s the first Friday of November so you guys know where I’ll be tonight! I’ll have the table set up at the same bat time, same bat spot: right outside the Big Car Gallery. I’ll be joined again tonight by Vouched contributor-extraordinaire Tyler Gobble. Also, new to the table tonight is If I Falter at the Gallows by Edward Mullany (Publishing Genius Press), and with all do luck, Ayiti by Roxane Gay (Artistically Declined Press) will be sitting on my doorstep when I get home, ready to be sold to the world.

But I’m not the only thing happening at Big Car tonight. No, no!

Big Car Gallery: Bodies of Water

Bodies of Waters, part of Spirit & Place, will bring pieces based on John Waters’s films that some of the nation’s top pop surrealist artists and illustrators as well a few local favorites created specially for the exhibit.

iMOCA in partnership with Big Car Gallery put the exhibit together to celebrate the appearance of filmmaker John Waters on November 12 at the Madame Walker. Artists participating are: Glenn Barr, Yumiko Kayukawa, Amy Casey, Paul Chatem, Shaunna Peterson, Lola, Danielle de Picciotto, Lisa Petrucci, Elizabeth McGrath, Kristen Ferrell, Angie Mason, Aunia Kahn, Ken Garduno, Mab Graves, Jacqueline Pichardo, Philip Campbell, Kenneth Rehm, Casey Roberts, and Floyd Jaquay.

So come out and see some awesome, Waters-inspired art. Check out the book table. Meander through the Murphy maze of other galleries, shops, and beer rooms.

It’s going to be a good night. Hope to see you there!

Come to the Murph tonight; see art, buy books!

2 Sep

As with every other First Friday, you know where I’ll be to come check out my books on tap! I’ll have my table set up outside Big Car Gallery tonight, so I hope to see your shining faces. I’ve been lame lately, and haven’t added any new titles to the table for anyone who was there last month, but if you’ve not been around for a couple months, you’ll have some fresh words waiting for you. I’m reading some incredible words right now from small presses, so you can bet in the next couple months, you’ll see some new covers on the table.

Also tonight at Big Car is an amazing gallery opening of Aaron Scamihorn and Jason Roemer’s Freaks & Geeks showing that looks absolutely incredible. Just look at the flyer. Bask in it.

Do I need to say anything more? Come see me tonight! I like you!

A couple places I’ll be.

2 Dec

Tomorrow is the first Friday of December, which means I’ll once again be manning the Vouched table and peddling wares outside Big Car Gallery. Pretty cool looking exhibit opening up there tomorrow, too:

Staircase Sectionals is an exhibit of found-object metal-assemblage work. After the show ends on Jan. 15, the panels will be installed on a metal stair that provides access to community development corporation, Southeast Neighborhood Development’s (SEND) roof. Lord of the Yum Yum and other experimental sound artists will perform starting at 9 p.m.


Also, next Sunday, Dec. 12th, I’m packing the Vouched table up to Chicago for the Indie Lit Roadshow/Pop-up Bookshop, where I’ll join hands with pals from PANK, Hobart, featherproof, Artifice, and others and we’ll all sing along to “We Are the World.”

Chicago hosts a one-day-only pop-up bookshop featuring the best of the Midwest’s independent presses, bookstores, and magazines. They’ll be plenty of book shopping (just in time for the holidays) as well as sporadic performances, all at the Green Lantern Gallery, originally meant to be the home for the new bookstore The Paper Cave. Instead, we’ve condensed the bookstore into a one-day booktravaganza. This will be your first and last chance to shop Chicago’s curatorial pop-up bookshop. In honor of the venture there will be a ribbon un-cutting, and Artifice Magazine’s papier-mâché cave, which the curious can crawl inside to hear some of the best in Chicago readings.

You should be at at least one of these events. You should bring cash. You should buy sentences from me and others. Buy sentences for yourself. Buy sentences for other sentence lovers. Small press books are often small. You know where small things go this time of year? Stockings. That’s where.

Tonight at the Big Car First Friday opening

5 Nov

Big Car Gallery opening in the Murphy Building in Fountain Square tonight. I’ll be there, and if you’re local, you should, too, and here are some reasons why:

1) I will have the Vouched table set up to talk and sell books, and I’ll also be selling prints of some of my photography, and all the money from that will go to writers who come to read at Vouched Presents, because I believe in writers getting paid for being rad.

2) Big Car is awesome in general, and their show this month looks provocative, like just look at the promo for it:

So there’s that, and here’s this:

Inspired by the visually saturated city of Las Vegas, the latest exhibit at Big Car Gallery by Vegas native Jacqueline Pichardo weaves stories of six women into lush, sensual portraits. “Ephemeral Pleasures” opens Nov. 5 at 6 p.m. at 1043 Virginia Avenue, Suite 215.

Pichardo spent her formative years in the visually saturated city of Las Vegas, where she became accustomed to its unique and contradictory messages regarding sexuality. Eleven pieces selected for this show are woven into a narrative, telling the stories of six women.

Pichardo — the 2010 recipient of Big Car’s Emerging Artist Scholarship — uses a combination of pastel, charcoal, and watercolor on paper. She also writes stories for each piece and then posts the story on her blog, What I Must Do. Selected stories will be displayed alongside the work that evening. The show will run through November 20.

3) The other organization I’m a part of, INDYCOG, is partnering with another awesome org called Keep Indianapolis Beautiful to host a workshop this weekend to teach people how to build bike buckets (panniers) out of kitty litter containers. Andrew Brake from KIB will be sharing some space on the Vouched table to promote this workshop, and will have his bike there outfitted with the bike buckets to show people how awesome it will be to take part in the workshop and have their very own buckets to haul groceries and loaves of French bread and stuff around town.

So, I think it should be pretty damn obvious where you should be tonight, instead of sitting at home going no. 3 or playing Call of Duty or whatever you were planning on doing instead.

First Fridays Tonight @ Big Car

1 Oct

Thought I’d let everyone know I’m going to have the table set up right outside of Big Car Gallery tonight for the Murphy Art Center’s First Friday gallery walk. I’ll be promoting the Vouched Presents reading next week, and shilling some small press lit.

Come and check out all the new exhibits in the galleries in the Murphy Art Center, and stop by the Vouched table to chat and buy some books!