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SSR #7 of 15: The Karaoke Singer’s Guide to Self-Defense

9 Jul


The Karaoke Singer’s Guide to Self-defense
Tim Kinsella
Featherproof Books

An estranged family gathers to endure loss: gather ’round the microphone and sing a sad song or two,  work your way through the twelve steps, listen to a guy sing like Steve Perry, figure out your feelings on Fleetwood Mac.

SSR #12 of 15: Scorch Atlas

19 Jul

Christopher first Vouched for Scorch Atlas way back in the day. When I read his single sentence review I wanted to prove him wrong… but he was right.  This book has been hewn into me.

So, as Christopher said: You will not survive this book.

You can buy it from Featherproof.

Single-Sentence Review: Daddy’s by Lindsay Hunter

2 Jan

If you are waiting for someone who will love you/hurt you/know you/keep you, and you’re not sure whether you’d rather bite or be bitten, stop moving your hands and read this book because all good/bad words matter.

Buy Daddy’s by Lindsay Hunter.

Single-Sentence Review: Scorch Atlas by Blake Butler

16 Nov

Photo from Bleached Whale Design

You will drown in this book, you will not survive it.


Buy it from featherproof.


29 Jun

I’ve been contacting various small presses the past few days trying to work out inventory, and the excitement about Vouched has been awesome.

So far, Publishing Genius and Narrow House are both down for the cause, Christopher at Annalemma is stoked (I figured he would be; Vouched was inspired largely by our conversation on a post of his over at the Annalemma blog) and Jonathan at featherproof is working his magic to hopefully make something happen there.

There are others, and when everything is official, they’ll be named here. Thanks to everyone for your support thus far.

Looks like my goal to have things together and in place by the August First Friday wasn’t too optimistic after all.