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Best Thing I’ve Read Today: Elizabeth Savage

17 Mar

abrsplashEditor Amber Nelson has once again put together a fantastic installment of alice blue review. Issue twenty-two contains some wonderful poets, such as Alyse Knorr, Vouched Books’ own Tyler Gobble, Sarah Barlett, and several others. I recommend reading through the entire issue (even the prose, lol).

But, as much as I enjoyed the issue as a whole, I keep returning to the two poems by Elizabeth Savage. Here is one of them, “This Bucket of Yours,” in its entirety:

dropped as I carried
                the summer of white
pansies & wild blue

                lowlife in sunlight

bottomless as the months
I could not hold
like a world’s filthy hem

The poem—as with her other contribution, titled “Alter Egret”—is a short, image-based nature poem that, for a moment, allows me to forget that I’m in the “bottomless…months” of winter in Cleveland. Repeated readings of these two poems, to my mind, allow me to access the summer’s white “lowlife in sunlight” (at least secondhand), while the temperatures outside hover just below twenty degrees.

Take some time to read both of Savage’s poems and then purchase a copy of her full-length collection Grammar at Furniture Press Books’ website.

Best Thing I’ve Heard This Week: Press > Play Festival

1 Oct

I’m lucky enough to be traveling around the East Coast and Great Lakes region for twelve days with several poets from Furniture Press Books, reading poems at twelve different events. The tour began at The Poetry Project in Manhattan on Friday, September 27 and includes stops at such venues and series as Rust Belt Books in Buffalo, The Big Big Mess in Akron, and Prairie Lights in Iowa City (the full itinerary can be found here).

Last Sunday, September 29, several Furniture Press poets read at the Press > Play Festival in Baltimore, hosted by Peabody Heights Brewery. Below you can find a few clips from the event.

Here’s Chris McCreary, author of Undone: A Fakebook, reading his poem “The Harrowing”:

Here’s Alyse Knorr, author of Annotated Glass, reading her poem “After Our Friends Arrived”:

Here’s Elizabeth Savage reading her poem “Prepositions” from her book Grammar: