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Best Thing I’ve Heard This Week: The Big Big Mess (06/08/13)

14 Jun

Last Saturday, The Big Big Mess celebrated its two-year anniversary. Over the course of the past couple of years, this Akron, OH readings series has hosted local, regional, and national writers, such as Mary Biddinger, Matt Hart, Nate Pritts, Cathy Wagner, Adam Clay, Zachary Schomburg, and Heather Christle.

At their most recent event, out-of-town poets from Albany, Atlanta, Chicago, and Louisville converged on Northeast Ohio for a terrific reading. Check out the videos below for highlights.

Sean Patrick Hill reads his poem “1972“:

James Belflower performs an excerpt from his book The Posture of Contour:

Daniela Olszewska reads her poem “Frontier with Fancy Spurs“:

Bruce Covey reads his poem “Foreign Objects“:

The Big Big Mess’ next reading will be on 05 July. They will host The Line Assembly Tour, featuring S.E. Smith and others.

“They say the pleasure is the image. You trust?”– Tamiko Beyer in the new Octopus

28 Jan

Lots to get stoked about (AS USUAL) in the slick Octopus Magazine, this their 15th issue. There’s Emily Kendal Frey and John Gallaher. There’s Yvette Johnson and Daniela Olszewska. There’s MORE and MORE.

But the work that I keep chewing on, or maybe it’s chewing on me, is the goodness from Tamiko Beyer, these sections from “Dear Disappearing.”

Just scooted past the inauguration of our dear President again, it’s great to feel hopeful. Yet reality bites, that’s what I hear, and that’s what Beyer reminds, in this fantastic, gut-punching way that stretches beyond the boo-hooing, the same old lack of answers, and jumps right into the rut.

Sure, the best country this once and always was.
The best one, the worst, it’s just a technical matter,

definition, clarification. Let us try: Did we not build
the bomb, the big one, the one to end all ones?

They watch while we wilt and flourish, wilt and flourish,
then grow a third eye. What miracle, what curlicue.

Go get walloped by the whole dang thing!