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A Field Guide to Blake Butler

3 Dec


Blake Butler’s Sky Saw will be released tomorrow by New York Tyrant. Once again Butler delivers a stunning exploration of narrative. Over at Creative Loafing Atlanta you’ll find a field guide to the six books Butler has released since January 2009 including Sky Saw.  Here’s a sampling:

SKY SAW [Fiction; Tyrant Books, 200pp]

Description: Humanity is numbered and contained in obscene rooms and landscapes, constantly observed and humiliated. Person 1180 — a woman — gives birth to innumerable wretched children. Person 2030 — a child — escapes from the only room he has known to spend 37 years wandering in darkness.

Recurring imagery/subjects: Darkness, years, white, foam

Quote: “He pulled at the door and banged at the door and shook himself against the face of the door unchanging until there was nothing left about his finders or his hands. He turned around and found the world.”

Dimensions: 7.8 x 6 x 0.9 inches

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