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Laura Straub’s END O’ THE YEAR list

21 Dec

My futon’s favorite people:
Matt Bell & Brian Oliu, Amber Sparks, and Tyler Gobble.

Cool Presses that started working with Vouched the past six months: Lazy Fascist, Sarabande Books, Queen’s Ferry Press, Curbside Splendor, Spooky Girlfriend, and Black Ocean.

COVER ART: May We Shed These Human Bodies and The Collected Works of Scott McClanahan, Vol. 1

People I’m still confused to have not met IRL yet: Mel Bosworth and Christy Crutchfield

My Husband’s Budding Bromances: Ben Kopel, Tyler Gobble, and Kory Calico

Top 5 Stage Presences in no specific order: xTx, Devan Goldstein (when reading and also when he sings the shit out of some Bon Jovi), Amy McDaniel, Zach Schomburg, Peter Davis.

Favorite Dance Party: Lit Party @ AWP- duh! 

Thing that makes me feel like !!! every time I read it: Ravi Mangla’s Visiting Writers from Uncanny Valley Press

Favorite special thing: Electric lit’s recommendations in my inbox. SO RAD. Also Matthew Salesses’ Writer in Residence series at Necessary Fiction.

These book tours came and BLEW ME AWAY: Bloof books tour, The Southern Comfort Reading Tour, & the Over the Top tour.

Awful Interviews that still make me laugh big and large:  Joshua Ware, Michael Nye, Matt Bell, & Nicholas Tecosky (who still owes me an arm wrestle…)

Vouched Contributors Win *All* the Awards

15 Mar

This has been a huge few weeks for the Vouched contributors. You cannot contest us. In every bout my contributors have entered, they’ve taken it home.


First, Roxane Gay dropped knowledge at the AWP Literary Death Match where she took on Pulitzer Prize-winner Jane Smiley, National Book Critics Circle finalist Major Jackson, and National Book Award winner Darin Strauss. Roxane spelled Dostoyevsky in some classic way that was all like, “Oh shit!” and came out the winner of all. Roxane gives a full recap of the event at her blog.

Her intensity will break you.

Then, at a following Literary Death Match in DC, Amber Sparks brought it out against Huffington Posteur Arin Greenwood, PEN nominee Molly Gaudry, and the ultimate Scott McClanahan. She got the boys to the yard, beating McClanahan in a 19-18 finale.

Straub's gonna knock you out.

And most recently, Vouched ATL Vicereine Laura Straub rumbled at the Write Club Atlanta Chapter Ten brawl, where she represented the idea of LAST and squared off against Myke Johns who represented FIRST. In the end, there was only one, and that one was Laura, winning for her charity of choice: WINK.

There will be a podcast of Laura’s reading on Write Club Atlanta’s site and when it posts, I will update this post with a link to it, but suffice it to say, the WCA podcasts are amazing and you should be listening to them anyway.

Congrats to all my kick ass contributors out there kicking ass!

My Contributors Can Beat Up Your Contributors

18 Oct

I can’t afford to pay my contributors in much more than graciousness, so in lieu of cash, I thought the least I could do was to trumpet all the awesome stuff they do outside the Vouched walls.

Kyle Winkler has a great story about eating ghosts up at Annalemma.

Amber Sparks has been busy, with 3 stories published recently: “The Woman Across the Water Wore the Shape of Love” in the new issue of Gargoyle, “Five Kinds of Human History” in the new issue of Big Lucks, and “Never Never” was recently published online at the SmokeLong Quarterly. She also has a new kitten named Ilsa.


Josh Spilker‘s new novella Ambient Florida Position came out last month from KUBOA Press in print & digitally. And his small press, Deckfight Press, is releasing what I can only imagine to be an awesome collaboration by Mel Bosworth and Christy Crutchfield called The Five Lost Senses of Carl.

Tyler Gobble has an unquantifiable amount of energy, and the only way to really round up his recent bits of awesome is a bulleted list:

Have you heard about Roxane Gay‘s new book, Ayiti? If not, where have you been? If so, why isn’t it in your hands?

And lastly, Laura Straub has a rad flash fiction double-feature up at Loose Change Magazine. She she’s also reading tomorrow at the Loose Change Rooftop Reading! Go be charmed by her.