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Best Thing I’ve Seen: Big Big Mess Reading Series Posters (and contest!)

23 Jun

The Big Big Mess Reading Series, now in the hands of Mike Krutel and Kati Mertz, has been a major wow spot in Akron, OH for awhile now. I’ve been stoked both times I’ve been up there for events; they’re a little rowdy, a lot good, and with plenty of spunk (see: giveaways of books and weird stuff the hosts find at thrift shops). They’ve hosted such rad folks as Zachary Schomburg, Heather Christle, Matt Bell, Amelia Gray, and many more.


They’ve also got this pattern of having some sweeeet posters for the events. Here are a few:




See the whole collection here.

And now, what you’ve all been waiting for! THE CONTEST. The Big Big Mess Reading Series is gettin’ fresher! They want you (yeah, you!) to submit some poster design for their next round of readings. All the details are here. But like most submission type things, it goes 1) come up with something rad and 2) send it to them. You have until July 15th. Okay, GO, okay.

Mel Bosworth Every Laundromat in the World Release Contest Winner: Brandon Barr

27 Jun

After shuffling through the great stack of submissions, Safety Third Enterprises lead guy Matt DeBenedictis, Laundromat extraordinaire Mel Bosworth, Vouched ATL lady Laura Straub, and myself have chosen the following entry by Brandon Barr as the winner of the Every Laundromat in the World Release Contest.

Brandon has won the following items:

  • A personalized, signed copy of the chapbook, dedicated personally to the winner and containing two extra poems.
  • A copy of every chapbook in stock from Safety Third Enterprises, including: He Is Talking To The Fat Lady (xTx), I Don’t Respect Female Expression (Frank Hinton), Just A Little Piece Of Heartburn (Tom Cheshire), and Congratulations! There’s No Last Place If Everyone Is Dead (Matt DeBenedictis).

Don’t forget to order your copy of the limited-edition print version of Every Laundromat in the World from Safety Third Enterprises today! Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest, and for making our duty to choose a winner such a challenge!


3 Jan

This is one of the coolest contests I’ve seen: write a short fiction piece, featuring Matthew Salesses, short fiction writer, as the protagonist. Awesome prize list, rad judges, cool protagonist (check that interesting biographical detail list).

Still, if you enter, you better step it up. Just check out the first entry, by Sean Lovelace.*

Matt Salesses on Crowds

“There are lost crowds and then crowds of poets who read other poets who write poems for poets, you know, that type of thing. Sometimes, while giving a reading in the hub of Boston, I can sense whether a particular crowd is one thing or the other. Sometimes the mood of the crowd is disguised, sometimes you only find out after two or three or, you know, four hours of reading what sort of crowd a particular crowd is. And you can’t speak to them in the same way. The variations have to be taken into account. Some crowds like Tang lyric poetry, while others enjoy modern adaptations of the Tang lyric poem. Other crowds you try a flash fiction and they’ll seize you by the throat! They will rip the urinals out the bathroom walls and throw them at you! Understand? They want something long and slow and sustained. You have to say something to them that is meaningful to them in that mood.”

*(Full disclosure: I make an appearance, or rather a non-appearance appearance, my absence marked, in one section; still the story rules and such even with(out) me.)

Donate to a great cause and get some words in a sweet place? Great.

25 Jul
The great people over at Metazen are hosting a contest to benefit the Somalian Drought Relief Effort. This is a great chance to help a sweet journal help a great organization. Metazen is one of my favorite journals, consistently publishing hard-hitting stories and poems. Here are some of my favorite pieces from recent updates.
Wild Wolves by Mel Bosworth: being unapologetic carried into perfection.
More Shorts from Mimosas and Waxed Lips by Lauren Tamraz: This is what I mean when I say I crave tension.
Closets by Drew Kalbach: “I emasculate myself nightly for the fireflies and it feels/like coming home.”
Below are the guidelines, so find out how to support something worthwhile and possibly join these wonderful pieces. Also, find more here.
Competition.We are having a writing contest. (win stuff)We are raising money for a cause. (get karma)

Last Christmas metazen raised money by publishing an ebook featuring various authors from around the web. Profits were donated and distributed to the micro-financing organization kiva.org.

This summer we are holding a contest with the hopes of raising some money for the Somalian Drought Relief Effort (via East Africa Drought Relief Fund).

We will accept submissions with an accompanying fee throughout the month of August. All submissions will be considered and a winner and 3 runners up will be selected by our judges. Winners and runners up will get prizes. Yes.

So… you get to write, you get to win stuff and you also get to help support a cause. There is really no downside. Even if you lose, your karma will increase.

And even if you aren’t interested, it would be awesome if you copied the link for this page and spread the word.

What kind of writing?

Please submit either one piece of fiction (limit 2500 words) or poetry (limit 2 poems).

There is no theme, we’re looking for something you’re proud of. Nothing filthy, nothing milfy, nothing too pithy. A little pith is okay. Not too much. Pith-ish.


All submissions sent between July 24th and August 31st with corresponding paypal entry fee will be considered.


All entries must be submitted in the body of an email or in .doc form to contests.metazen@gmail.com

Only entries with an accompanying paypal donation will be considered.
The purpose of this contest is to raise money for the Somalian Drought Relief Effort.

Entry fee amounts are optional, with a minimum of $5

90% of entry fees will go to the Canadian East African Drought Relief Fund
10% of fees will be awarded to the first place winner.

First Place:Publication on metazen.cawith accompanying commentary on your piece10% of entry fees from contest
1 Copy of Frank Hinton’s “I Don’t Respect Female Expression” print and digital
1 DVD “MDMA” by MDMA Films

Runner Up (3 winners):

Publication on metazen.ca
(1) of the following:

– Fog Gorgeous Stag by Sean Lovelace
– Grease Stains, Kistmet, And Maternal Wisdom by Mel Bosworth
– Download Helvetica For Free . Com by Steve Roggenbuck

submit your entries to contests.metazen@gmail.com