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SSR #12 of 15: Short Dark Oracles

14 Jul

Short Dark Oracles
by Sara Levine
Cake Train
118p, $8

This book is like that new girl you saw on campus years ago and still dream of- witty, fresh, and smarter than you.

SSR #7 of 15: The Weather Stations

14 Jul

I read The Weather Stations, by Ryan Call, during a weather delay in the Orlando Airport almost a month ago. It was wizardry. I knew immediately that I wanted to get it into the hands of Atlantan Readers. You can purchase it from Cake Train here.

In this world Ryan Call creates the Weather is not so different from power-mad Zeus on high- it mockingly erodes the earth, cracks the sky like egg shells; you rally with the protagonists and your support gives them power -lash back out at the clouds! construct a city in the troposphere! tape together the firmament!

SSM: “Men Glass” by Sarah Rose Etter

7 May

I remember reading this short story by Sarah Rose Etter in the March issue of The Collagist, the strangeness of it, its uncomforting. Etter strings words together in a way that makes you forget yourself, the same way she strings the names of the captive men together until they’ve forgotten themselves, until they and you have stopped pawing at the Plexiglass, a way in or a way out.

The unraveling of the men went something like this each time slight variations:

Nice to meet you. My name is Tim Brad Tom Sean Mike.

And what do you do?

I’m a professor butcher lawyer guitar player construction worker.

Would you care to buy me a drink?

That’s all it took, eye contact for that long. She hated this part hated the Jessica bits but thought about the end – their eyes behind the glass their movements hushed. She thought about love.

How many drinks does it take? By the fourth she can lean over like a lady put a hand on a male thigh whisper Come home with me say it very pronounced like there was a period behind each word making each word matter very much.

Then it was grins thousand-watters billboard faces cheekbone fireworks.

Read the whole story at The Collagist.

Single-Sentence Review: Ghost Machine by Ben Mirov

16 Feb

Killer sentence after killer sentence, given and repeated and twisted, Mirov piles words that dance  a fine line of reality and jawbreaking out-thereness, WE NEVER KNOW WHERE WE ARE AND THAT IS GOOD, spilling out of this beautifully complex machine.

Caketrain has a sweet deal where you can get any two single-author books, including Ghost Machine, for twelve bucks with free shipping. DANG.

A good full review of Ghost Machine at Bookslut.