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Timber By Dan Micklethwaite

8 Aug

This story is for anyone that has attempted to swim the moat separating hobbyists from artists.

By that fifth month his photographs were getting more adept technically, were looking more and more like magazine-cover fare. But the extra hour that he had to wake up every weekday morning, the extra hour he stayed on site at each day’s end, it started to eat at him, like termites in his frame.

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Also be sure check out the One-Question Interview where Dan further discusses his view on the relationship between art and labor.

My Old Guy Boyfriend

18 Nov

I’m a girl with a track record for dating old dudes. Checking out Bull: Men’s Fiction, I came across this feeling/laughing/jumping thing written by Ani Smith and enjoyed it enough to bring it to your attention.

There are moments I wasn’t sure if the narrator was making a joke on the old man she hoped to have. The tenderness with which she describes him and their (hypothetical) relationship is enough to let the reader know that if she is making fun, it isn’t malicious. It’s honestly portraying a growing love with a fading life.

Check it out. If you’re into that kind of thing. Or just, you know, read it anyway.