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“She Says” by Brandon Amico at Sixth Finch

17 Apr

You know this, how you return to the poems, the stories, the people, the pictures on the wall, that are somehow surprising each time, a twinkle coming around the edges, a word hidden in the tiny room you didn’t see before, the way that someone bends their words towards an impossible horizon. a weird blur in the corner you keep staring at.

That’s all here in this poem in the new issue of Sixth Finch, this poem called “She Says” by Brandon Amico. I’m enthralled. I’m entrenched. I’m engaged to this poem as much as I’ve seen it lately.

Let’s take a walk. She tells me
there is a river in every town,
and I sincerely doubt this, so

I tell her so. She says she was
speaking metaphorically, and I ask
if the towns are metaphorical

or the river. Is it the same river
or a new river in each town?…

And that’s just it getting good, unshuffling the cards, and you should really read the rest here!