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Single-Sentence Review: Fog Gorgeous Stag by Sean Lovelace

3 Aug

Fog Gorgeous Stag by Sean Lovelace

Publishing Genius, 70 pages, 2011

A really awesome review of FGS over at Book Punch Reviews

Yes, this book stumbles through itself, in search of itself, learning to bend and snap, discovering the depths and directions of its voice and at the end pops out this layered clump, like a rubberband ball with a pulse, that bounces around us and stretches thoughtshapes in and out and back again and we get all smiley, not really knowing what to say or think.


Smalldoggies Column

30 Apr

Hey hey. I have a new post up at The Vouched Satellite at Smalldoggies Magazine. It’s an interview with Micah Ling about Book Punch Reviews. NICE