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Ben Spivey Excerpts from Black God

24 Jul

It is clear to me that this will be yet another skull slapping book from the MudLuscious Press/Blue Square Press mega-book creators. If you’re not paying attention to what shuffles out of their hands by now, then I just, I just don’t know.

The tape recorder hissed its cursed breath, elapsed time. We burgeon many more children. Found our way through the single door, opened the single window. Took the boys to the waves. Took the girls to the garden.

Read the whole issue here, including the whole sampling of Mr. Spivey’s Black God.

SSR: Flowing in the Gossamer Fold

3 Jan

Flowing in the Gossamer Fold, 
Ben Spivey 
Mud Luscious Press,164 Pages, $12

After his wife becomes a bird and takes to the air, the attrition of Malcolm Blackwell’s existence takes place on every plane… this his story of unforseen deliverance.

Vouched ATL Is Making Some News!

22 Jul

Vouched contributor and Vicereine, Laura Straub, is already making some news with her colonization of Atlanta!

Image from PurgeATL

Not only did her Awful Interview of Heather Christle get a nice, little nod over at the Poetry Foundation blog, but she has an interview herself up at PurgeATL where they turned the awful hose on her.

I’m really glad and proud of Laura’s achievements already in getting the Atlanta table up and running, and can’t wait to see where it’ll run from here.

If you’re in or around Atlanta on July 24th, you should head to the Youngblood Gallery for her first Vouched Presents reading (featuring Heather Christle, Tadd Adcox, Bruce Covey, Amy McDaniel, and Ben Spivey!) and give her a big pat on the back for me.

Awful Interview: Ben Spivey

20 Jul
Ben Spivey and Snake Plissken have a lot in common. They both have a way with words. Neither of them grew up wanting to be a rainbow. Both of them could beat up approximately 25 ten year-olds at once. Ben wrote a book, Flowing in the Gossamer Fold, which is a release from Blue Square Press.
Unfortunately Snake Plissken is not reading at the VouchedATL launch reading this Sunday. Fortunately, Ben Spivey is.
So Ben, your first book, Flowing in the Gossamer Fold, is centered around a motivational speaker. Was becoming a motivational speaker ever an ambition of yours? I once had a friend who wanted to be a rainbow when she grew up.
When I was a bit younger I wanted to be a sort of motivational speaker. It was a phase that came and went. I did a few things with it and people but never felt like it lasted. That brief ambition to motivate, however, was inspiration for the character in Flowing, but I see that now only as an afterthought if anything at all. He (Malcolm) is humiliated while he’s doing his job and maybe I felt that way, too, but it was a long time ago and reflecting on it now is no longer like looking into a mirror. Your friend wanted to be a beautiful thing, one must stretch.

 How do you get yourself motivated to write? What Inspires you? 
 I am motivated and inspired when I read. I often jot things down throughout the day and I return to them when I’m writing–which usually occurs in the morning before the rest of my day starts. It’s important to set aside the time you need. The little jots are a moment of inspiration, a single word, a sentence, sometimes a paragraph.  
 How many ten year-olds do you think you could beat up at once?

15 or 20.

I would have pegged you for 25, but it’s good that you’re modest. Have you ever been in a fight?

25? Thanks. I’ve never been in a fight that I would count as a fight.  

So you’ve been in fights you wouldn’t count as a fight?

I’ve only fought with friends, people I know, never a stranger. Nothing like “Big Trouble in Little China.”   

They just don’t make villains like Lo-Pan anymore, or truck drivers like Jack Burton. Would you consider Kurt Russell to be a personal hero of yours?

 If I consider Snake Plissken a personal hero does that count?


Good. I also like “The Thing.” But who doesn’t? I think most people do.

I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t seen The Thing, which is incredibly lame. I love all things John Carpenter/Kurt Russell related. If you could sum up “The Thing” in a small paragraph, how would you?

 A small team of researchers in Antarctica (who are isolated) become paranoid after a parasitic alien begins to infect them one at a time. When a person becomes infected it allows the alien to morph into an image of the person it infected which causes the researchers to never quite know who the alien is. So there’s a lot of quarantining and a lot of fire and snow.  

 Sounds really intense, especially with Kurt Russell involved. You’re probably right about most people liking that. What do you think Snake Plissken would have to say about our reading this Sunday?

Snake Plissken wouldn’t give a f@ç#.

That’s probably true. What would you say in response to him, since the reading is going to be so awesome?I would make sure he knows that there will be beer. He looks like he enjoys beer. And then all I could hope for is that he’d stand near the front chain-smoking American Spirits.

Vouched Atlanta Launch Reading!

7 Jul

¡importante!  Our launch reading date has been changed to Sunday, July 24th!

Great news everybody! The time has come for the VouchedATL launch reading!

RSVP on facebook! 

It’s time to celebrate! What better way to do so than with some of our favorite writers? Come join us at the Young Blood Gallery and Boutique (656 N Highland Ave., 30306) on Sunday, July 24th at 6:30pm. Don’t worry, admission is free. There will be wine, beer, books, and lots of awesome readers.

A boatload of thank you’s go out to PurgeATL for their sponsorship and assistance in planning the reading, specifically Matt DeBenedictis, Johnny Carroll, and Tim Song. Also to Jason Travis for the awesome poster design.

Another round of thank you’s to Maggie White and everyone at the Young Blood Gallery for so graciously donating their space.

Come and join us! You don’t want to hear about this second-hand afterwards, do you? (You really don’t)