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Indie Lit Classics: Roxane Gay

15 Nov


We had a lot of fun with the Scott McClanahan roundup, and thought another tribute of a similar nature was of order.


Well, cause Roxane Gay has been a hero of ours for quite some time (it’s true, even when she was contributing here. She’s a total rockstar).  And we’ve had the pleasure of saying a lot of good things about her, her work and the work that she publishes over the years.

So here they all are in a list for ya!

The Widow Takes Her Coffee Black at Wigleaf

A single-sentence review of Ayiti

A longer than one sentence review of Ayiti

How much of a winner she is

A collaborative work by her and xTx

Some thoughts about an essay of hers at the Rumpus


She read for us at a Dogzplot party in Indianapolis

Oh, and did we mention? She’ll be kicking ass at the Letters Festival all weekend. Make sure to check her out!

SSR: Ayiti by Roxane Gay

3 Nov

Roxane Gay
Artistically Declined Press, 126pgs, $9

Her land of high mountains, Ayiti, these stories are stockpiled with characters who are themselves halves of broken islands clutching to whatever it is that might make them whole again.

Available from:
Artistically Declined Press | Powell’s | Amazon


6 Jul

I just pre-ordered Roxane Gay’s forthcoming book, Ayiti, a collection of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry, about Haiti.

I think you should, too.