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Note Pinned To The Back Of A Dress by Aubrey Lenahan (H_NGM_N Books)

21 Apr

After BOOM BOOM chaps recently by Vouched contributor Layne Ransom and often-vouched rad poet Nick Sturm, H_NGM_N Books keeps their dynamite PDF chapbook series rolling with this new collection by Aubrey Lenahan.

Just read the first poem, and you’ll get pinned into this PDF for a startlingly good journey over the next 15 poems, poems of quiet poise and sudden, unfettered story-telling.


Other than the noise, it was quiet. The war was elsewhere. Exposed roots tripped no one up that anyone knew. The factory gave off its warm light. Pulses did not quicken, and this was well regarded. It was winter, and everyone was wrapped up like an ornament. There were films about those who lived far away and used pieces of wood and string for this and that. If they were warring, you wouldn’t know it, not from this account. I was an adventurer, and all winter went looking for a letter from someone from elsewhere. Then I read that Turner painted seascapes thick with slave blood. Warships broken up for lumber at sunset. But that was before the Industrial Age, when his subject became the machine. Then everyone became very tired…

Read the rest of this stellar opening poem and the entire chapbook here.