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Wear Sunscreen: Videos of Vouched Presents, January

16 Feb

Nate had these videos posted a couple weeks ago, but with AWP and general slackery, I’m just now getting around to getting them posted here. At first, he was trying to cut them up into individual pieces, but that was taking way too long to render and upload, so he just cut them by reader.

The whole night was such a wonderful blur and all the readers were so good and energetic and charming, I don’t even know what highlights to…highlight. Just watch all the videos. Pay attention. Drink beer while you do so. Laugh. Pretend you were there. If you were there, remember you were there. Smile.

Sean Lovelace (after my horrible intro of him [sorry, Sean]), “Fireworks Series #1”

Sean Lovelace, “Fireworks Series #2”

Sean Lovelace, “Fireworks Series #3”

Sean Lovelace, “University of W”

Sean Lovelace, “Memphis Apartment, Downtown Poplar & Vine”

Sean Lovelace, “Snakes”

Andy Devine, selection from Words

Matt Bell, “The Cartographer’s Girl”

Aaron Burch, “Christmas Would Be in December” and “The Pain of Humiliation”

Vouched Presents – January 15th, 2011

20 Nov

Get ready.

Smile Politely Chambana

12 Nov

Champaign-Urbana’s, Smile Politely, has a great interview with Andy Devine, Adam Robinson, and Michael Kimball re: Andy’s reading this Sunday at The Iron Post. I’m planning on going to this. Whose comin’ with me?

Stories & Beer Reading Series
ft. Andy Devine
4pm @ the Iron Post
120 South Race Street
Urbana, IL 61801

This is Aaron Burch reading last month at Stories & Beer, a couple stories from his recent book How to Predict the Weather:

That was a weekend to remember.

A Selection from a selection

11 Nov

Another Everyday Genius post at another apt time, a selection from Andy Devine’s “A Grammar for Fiction Writers.” Here is my own selection from the selected:

Every work of fiction can be improved.

Fiction writers must find a way to manage their incompetence if they are to continue writing fiction. The conception of the fiction is always greater than the execution of the fiction.

The great fiction writer is possessed by considerations that nobody else cares about.

Only jackasses use whom.

The reader knows that it is a fiction. Don’t let the reader think that it is a fiction.

While you’re enjoying Devine, you should clear your calendar this Sunday so you can attend his appearance for the Stories & Beer Reading Series at
the Iron Post in Champaign-Urbana. I’ll be there. Will you?