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14 Sep

From Amber Sparks, a bit of 1575 (yes, as in the year, 1575) in “Henry III is Crowned King of France at Rheims”:

When he is born, his Medici mother will know from the first that she loves him the best. Chers yeux, she calls him. Precious eyes. His brothers will hate him for the soft ways he learns from her. She will teach him to read and write, to love art, to be wise and to wage but always despise war. Most of all, she will keep him a Catholic, even as he longs to rebel, to fall into Protestantism. She will keep him a Catholic and it will eventually kill him.

Read the rest over at For Every Year.

Neely, Sparks, and Stomacher

2 Jul

It just kind of hit me how the nature of Vouched lends itself to more arenas than flea markets and art events. For instance, there are things online that deserve to shared, and so I present to you these 3 bits of incredible that I’ve read tonight as the first installment of Vouched Online:

My pal Josh just introduced me to this band and video, and my best man Jeremy described the beauty of this video as the need for new vocabulary:


Mark Neely has a poem up on Juked that throttles you straight away with, “Is it true that bodies are bomb casings…”


And lastly, this piece by Amber Sparks at Art Voice makes me want to remember how it was to be a tree.

We are not good at being men. We are weak, our minds and bodies soft and pliable, our histories marred by violence and loss into unsteady seasons, bearing ragged bark and stunted fruit. It is easy to make new people, but difficult to grow them, these restless ones that take so long to leave the nest. We are unsure always.

Read the entirety here.