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More Wreck More Wreck by Tyler Gobble

21 Nov

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Like Dean Young and Mary Ruefle, Gobble takes words to the playground, earnestly indulging their whims and curiosities, keeping them close with his sincerity and language that changes shape as fluidly as shadow puppets.

More Wreck More Wreck by Tyler Gobble

Coconut Books

Single Sentence Review: The Book of Joshua

12 Sep

The Book of Joshua 02j

The Book of Joshua
Zachary Schomburg
Black Ocean 
128 p // $19.95

This is a journey without a departure, which makes it endless – an expedition through the space between grief and trauma, an unwieldy terrain that aching with hunger.

Single Sentence Review: Bangalore

9 Sep


Kerry James Evans
Copper Canyon Press
96 pages / $16

Not every soldier goes to war, but these are stories of battle just the same.

Single Sentence Review: The Way We Sleep

7 Sep

Front Cover - 5.21.12

The Way We Sleep
Edited by C. James Bye and Jessa Bye
Curbside Splendor

Whether we are nestled or sprawled, heavily cushioned or atop a hardwood floor – these slumber stories occupy the most intimate of spaces: just as much the pillow made by the crook of a heavy arm a the endless expanse of our technicolor dreams.


Single-Sentence Review: The Youngest Butcher in Illinois

19 Dec

The Youngest Butcher in Illinois
Robert Ostrom
Yes Yes Books

Poetry that moves forward by the ellipsis of its lines; this book doesn’t end so much as walk through the void it opens.

SSR #8 of 15: Frequencies, Vol. 1

10 Jul


Frequencies Vol. 1
Bob Hicok, Molly Gaudry, & Phillip B. Williams
music from Here We Go Magic, Outlands, and Sharon Von Etten
Yes Yes Books
155p/ $18

Music and poetry! Poetry and music! Clap tracks, boom boxes, marches for love and melody, heartbreak, patterns taking shape — it’s all in here, in every frequency!

SSR #7 of 15: The Karaoke Singer’s Guide to Self-Defense

9 Jul


The Karaoke Singer’s Guide to Self-defense
Tim Kinsella
Featherproof Books

An estranged family gathers to endure loss: gather ’round the microphone and sing a sad song or two,  work your way through the twelve steps, listen to a guy sing like Steve Perry, figure out your feelings on Fleetwood Mac.

SSR #6 of 15: Beauty Was The Case That They Gave Me

8 Jul


Beauty Was The Case That They Gave Me
Mark Leidner
Factory Hollow Press
94p / $12

Mark Leidner struggles with weakness; Mark Leidner struggles with strength; Mark Leidner will tell you about romance; Mark Leidner will tell you about Snoop Dogg.

SSR #5 of 15: 48 Pornos

8 Jul


48 Pornos
Tyler Gobble
Safety Third Enterprises

Gobble’s impulsive and charming accounts of sexual encounters — both daydreams and feasible realities — will make you blush and laugh.

SSR #4 of 15: Fun Camp

6 Jul


Fun Camp
Gabe Durham
Publishing Genius

This book will stain your lips with barrels of bug juice, callous your fingers from failed archery attempts, and give you the crisp thrill of a post-popsicle kiss: revel in the confusion and anarchy of summer camp.