Best Thing I’ve Read Today: Alissa Nutting

14 Nov

NuttingI don’t read that much fiction, at least relative to people who identify as readers and writers of the genre. But I did find Alissa Nutting’s “On Experimental Fiction” –which appears in the new issue of Map Literary and was originally delivered at a panel at AWP 2013 in Boston–interesting in that it offers one writer’s reasons for reading and writing “fabulist” fiction. In the essay, she writes:

I write experimental fiction for the same reason I read experimental fiction—which is the same reason people ingest peyote and ayahuasca and large amounts of Robitussin that exceed the standard dosage—I want to see something I’ve never seen before, and go someplace beyond the limits of natural reality. I want to sweat and maybe even vomit.

So, basically, if you like to Robotrip, you’ll want to check out Nutting’s debut novel Tampa (Ecco/HarperCollins, 2013). Her comments are part of a dossier on experimental fiction that contains writing by Ted Pelton and Harold Jaffee.

The new issue of Map Literary also contains poetry by John Gallaher and Shanna Compton, among others.

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