Awful Interview: Caroline Cox

4 Oct

tumblr_msphcyhwri1qzi9b9o1_500This is Caroline Cox. She is addicted to monthly magazine subscriptions, or what Englishmen refer to as ‘periodicals,’ I think. She’s also addicted to hazelnut coffee and words! She’s a contributor and editor of a few different print magazines and the co-founder of Atlanta’s beloved Common Creativ. Caroline will be reading at the next Vouched Presents, next Friday, October 11th at the Highland Ballroom. Here we discuss that a little bit. We do not discuss teenage love, her all-time favorite subject.

So Caroline, how many magazine subscriptions do you have currently?

Oh, goodness. Maybe seven? Everything from Glamour to Mother Jones. All monthlies, I think. I don’t have the time for printed weeklies, unfortunately—the anxiety of seeing them slowly pile up by my bed just becomes too overwhelming.

Do you throw them out/recycle them after reading or keep them?

I keep way too many of them—a proclivity that is most problematic when moving. Sometimes I go through stacks, rip out things I want to keep for art, inspiration, referencing or whatever reason, and purge the rest via recycling or donating. I try to never just throw them away.

That’s good of you. You help run CommonCreativ, right? Tell me a bit about that!

I do, indeed. My partner-in-crime Muriel and I run it together. It was started in Atlanta a few years ago as a print magazine/blog—we took it over almost two years ago and turned it into sort of an online magazine/website that features weekly content on local artists, art events, etc. We try to spotlight all different facets of Atlanta’s creative scene, because it encompasses so much, and there are always new things cropping up that we want people to know about. We both have full-time jobs so it can be a struggle to do as much as we want with it, but it’s a labor of love and we find it really rewarding. We’ve got a ton of stuff in the works through the end of this year, and we’re going to start planning a party soon, so stay tuned!

Parties are awesome! What’s the best party you’ve ever been to? Was Andrew W.K. there?

That’s a tough question! My old college roommate and I threw a pretty good party one time when I lived in a condo on Peachtree Street across from Hooters. It was arbitrarily plaid-themed, and I woke up the next morning to someone’s jeans (with belt still in the belt loops) in my freezer, shredded cheese on the floor and porch, a few semi-nude men asleep on various uncomfortable-looking pieces of furniture (they had repurposed the plaid buttondown shirts they were wearing into loincloth-type garments) and several photos on my phone in varying stages of poor composition that I did not remember taking. All the signs of a successful party, in other words. Andrew W.K. was sadly otherwise engaged.

Wowee. It’s funny how many parties end up with someone’s pants in the freezer. I can think of a few I’ve attended that ended similarly. How do you think this ‘tradition’ came into being. Maybe even more important – did the owner of the pants ever come back to claim them?

I had no idea that was a common thing! I’m pretty sure he was one of the ones who ended up with a shirt tied around his waist. He may have been the same one who drew a mustache in eyeliner on my Radiohead poster (it was college, OK?) or who wrote “Watch Idiocracy!” on our dry erase board. It’s an unsolved mystery.

Sounds like just the type to put his pants in the freezer. Whatever happened to that Radiohead poster? How did Thom Yorke look with a moustache?

I’m sure I threw it away shortly after that. It was not a good look for him.

Does Thom Yorke have any good looks? Be honest.

I’m kind of into that one squinty eye he has—I like when people have slightly odd, exaggerated or disproportionate features. Much more interesting. I’d take that and an Adrien Brody nose over some normie any day of the week.

My college roomie had a hell of a thing for Adrien Brody. Do most of your celebrity crushes have disproportionate features?

He was my high school art class muse! Sigh. I’m afraid not too many male celebrities fit that bill. I do have a soft spot for Jewel’s snaggletooth. Plus, I have a thing for guys from old movies—Warren Beatty, Humphrey Bogart, Jean-Paul Belmondo—and they’re all super old or dead, so that particular feature is kind of a buzzkill.

If you could bring one of them back to life in order to attend the reading on October 11th, who would you bring and how would you explain the evening’s festivities to them?

I’m gonna have to say Paul Newman circa this era because, I mean, that beard. I’d tell him this reading is about the Midwest, a place I’ve spent exactly four days of my life in, and it’ll be interesting because I’m in the company of some very talented folks, and Vouched readings are always a good old-fashioned time full of laughs, graphic sexual references and timely pop culture asides. Plus it’s my first reading I’ve done in front of an audience since reading an excerpt of a book I wrote, called “The Funny Bone” about a dog bone from outer space, in front of the entire cafeteria in the first grade. I’m gonna try my hardest not to pull a Sweet Dee, but no promises.

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