Best Thing I’ve Read Today: Bluets series at Big Other by Edward Mullany

8 Aug

I stepped away from Big Other (post-giving up on Reader) for a few months, and look what happens! I missed this great bitty series by Edward Mullany, “bluets,” twelve number sketches + micro dab of story, linked and lovely. Like that story you know of the dude on the train who encounters weird and baffling and exciting people on the train and in a bar on the way home to his girlfriend. Except totally not, okay. Pieced together like this, it burns REALITY into the space between us (you and me, Mullany and you, guy and me, weird people on the train and other weird people on the train, etc.) more than anything I’ve read in awhile. Toggle here and feel.

One Response to “Best Thing I’ve Read Today: Bluets series at Big Other by Edward Mullany”

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