Best Thing I’ve Read This Week: The New Issue of Pinwheel

19 Jul

Sometimes, a booyeah issue of a magazine plops in my mailbox or scurries onto my glowing screen and I’m like GOTTA VOUCH THIS, but the tricky trick is deciding what piece/writer.

And today, I give in. I’m vouching this entire new issue of Pinwheel. I don’t often read issues of magazines top to bottom, front to back, but this I just had to, man. There’s so much goodness here, and you know I can’t miss the goodness!

Here are some snippets:

“What to make of these/feelings and all mad things?” – Matt Hart

“It’s an American it’s a man/it’s a woman they’re trying to talk” – Allyson Paty & Danniel Schoonebeek

“your fuck-fierce kingdom of kites” – Vouched contributor Layne Ransom

“My month as a kind of white lily/I’m in a room of white people” – Hoa Nguyen

And there’s so much more! Mary Ruefle! Wendy Xu! Mike Krutel! John Gallaher! Check out the issue here.

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