Best Thing I’ve Read Today: W.M. Lobko at Phantom Limb

9 Jul

A quick hello, check this out. “Hand-Picked in the Dead of Night” by W.M. Lobko pulses so clearly and intricately that they seem just like that, chosen by the light of a new moon. Take a chance and bask in the beauty of this poem, or “Snap/them off & they’re yours.”

Here’s the beginning:

A ballroom built of chalices & eagles.

You arrive as they’re changing the candles
to moons.

My negotiations with their gravity wells

are intricate as a cello
I don’t know how to play

but love to touch. Oil on my fingers

I am learning unfurls a mask
of polychrome

across a canyon. Down in the wash,
two silhouettes

pulse in the ash.

Check out the rest here.

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