Happy Release Day: In The House Upon The Dirt Between The Lake And The Woods by Matt Bell (Soho Press)

18 Jun

Photo Credit: Soho Press

Longtime Vouched favorite Matt Bell gets to take a big breath today as his debut novel, In The House Upon The Dirt Between The Lake And The Woods, begins to devour the world today. It’s been a long-time growling, and I, and I’m sure the rest of the Vouched crew, are mega-stoked to see this novel come out of its cave.

If you don’t know Matt’s work (though let’s be for real–you probably do), he’s the author of the novella-in-stories Cataclysm Baby and the terrifyingly gorgeous short story collection How They Were Found, along with a bunch of other tremendous things. I do believe Benjamin Percy got it right when he declared, “Matt Bell is not a novelist. He is a mystic.”

Check out some previous Vouched chatter about Matt Bell:

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Right here’s a little snippet if you can’t wait:

I. Before our first encounter with the bear I had already finished building the house, or nearly so.In the hasty days that followed, I feared we moved in too fast and too early, the house’s furnishings still incomplete, the doors not all right-hinged—and in response to my worries my wife said that was no trouble, that she could quickly finish what I had mostly made.Beneath the unscrolling story of new sun and stars and then-lonely moon, she began to sing some new possessions into the interior of our house, and between the lake and the woods I heard her songs become something stronger than ever before. I returned to the woods to cut more lumber, so that I too might add to our household, might craft for her a crib and a bassinet, a table for changing diapers, all the other furnishings she desired. We labored together, and soon our task seemed complete, our house readied for what dreams we shared—the dream I had given her, of family, of husband and wife, father and mother, child and child—and when the earliest signs of my wife’s first pregnancy came they were attended with joy and celebration.

Enough enough, let’s all go over to the Soho Press page for the book to check out a further excerpt, find a time and a place to see Matt on his tour, and get the dang thing okay okay.

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