Best Thing I’ve Read This Week: Rachel B. Glaser in iO Issue 9

14 Jun

So, did you see it? Another stellar issue of iO scurried into the frame this week with work by Dara Wier and Bryan Beck and lot lots of other great greats. Constantly happy (even when I’m poemed into sadness or other non-happy emotion) with iO, this crisp no-longer-new online mag, now one of my favorites.

But the poems that my velcro heart got stuck on were Rachel Glaser’s two poems, “With No Desire To Call Anyone I Reach For My Phone” and “He’s Got A Camera.”

I saw her read in Boston for AWP this year. I know her books like Pee On Water from the beloved Publishing Genius Press (though sad sad honesty I’ve never read that book or as much of Rachel’s work as I mean to). But there’s always this spunk too them, not like quirky teen spunk, but like non-kid person who isn’t boring spunk. There’s not enough of that in this world.

Both these poems talk within themselves, near-ramble on about expectations and desire, until both Glaser and I are standing next to each other, finger-pointing like totally gotcha. These speak to things that too often eek on the line of shameful but are also just kinda normal goofy parts of this modern living, like both of these could be called “Tyler Gobble Poem” and “she’s like haha, bad boy, but really it’s okay we all do it, welcome to 2013.”

Here’s the beginning of “With No Desire…”–

somewhat moved in the temple
during my public speaking class
after the fireworks
I reach for my phone

“truly interesting,” I say to your story at lunch
then under the table, check my phone

deeply moved in the temple
you look at me with love
but I’m remembering my phone

and here’s the beginning of “He’s Got A Camera”–

he’s got a camera
so that means he’s a photographer
which means he’s creative
and creative guys are normally hot
hot guys struggle with math
and smoke weed instead
weed makes boys free
and freedom makes guys outdoorsy
the outdoors teach lessons
stars make guys think
the moon is fat like their mother
trees are ominous friends

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